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faith christian school of distance education
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Delivering high quality, faith based education to a small student population, the Faith Christian School of Distance Education is a consistent high performer when it comes not only to results but also in holistic, supported model. Staff and students here work together in Christ to live, learn and love despite where they come from. Geography is no barrier to learning here! 

Faith Christian School of Distance Education

At Faith Christian School of Distance Education educators are serious about their mission to help students to fulfil their God-given potential. This acknowledges the importance of allowing academic, social and spiritual opportunities to grow and develop. The important keys to this mission are a strong foundation in Christ, family values, and love. These provide a base for students that helps them to achieve success in their learning.

There are many reasons why families choose Distance Education and enjoy the outcomes associated with:

  • a loving home being the primary environment for learning,
  • a higher adult to student ratio for immediate learning support,
  • great choice for including values, prayer and Bible study within the school day,
  • enjoying the opportunity to learn with your children.

At Faith Christian School of Distance Education, educators view their role as a school of distance education as follows: to ensure students have access to clear programs, teaching support from qualified teachers, and resources to achieve their goals, as well as God’s plan for their lives.

How does a distance education school work?

All learning and teaching is done in a remote capacity. Students are supported through their learning via electronic means. Students who live a long distance away are not the only ones who can access this school – it is open to everyone if they have a working internet connection. It’s school delivered differently and Faith Christian School of Distance Education consistently has high scores to back up their ethos.

 Interested? Visit Faith Christian School of Distance Education here.

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