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calamvale community college
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Calamvale Community College seeks to educate global citizens in an increasingly multicultural world. There are over 66 countries represented in the student body, making this a thriving hub of innovative teaching and learning. Is this the school you’ve been looking for?

Calamvale Community College

At Calamvale Community College, educational outcomes are delivered to the generation of tomorrow. There is a focus here on students being creative, critical thinking problem solvers who are true citizens of the world.

There are four key values at work here. They are Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Initiative. It is through this culture that learning is inspired by community engagement and continual challenging of students to do and be their best. 

These values underpin all elements of College life. There is constant consultation between students, staff and parents to ensure best practice is delivered at all times through pedagogical focus and an embracing of student needs and talents. It is here that they ‘build on success’ by developing students to be curious, creative and clever members of their wider community. 

What extra-curricular options are available at Calamvale Community College?

Calamvale Community College is truly a college of choice – offering a wide range of activities designed to appeal to every type of learner. There is strong involvement here in sport, the arts, aero skills and the wider community with many more being added regularly into rotation. This includes hospitality, student leadership and vocational opportunities. 

There is drama, camps and excursions, councils and clubs, musicals, musical teams and performances, participation in competitions and different functions and events designed to appeal to all.

Got a particular question about how your child’s future could be shaped? Save it for your enquiry! You’ll soon find that there’s something for everyone at Calamvale Community College.

What are the school fees at Calamvale Community College? 

For the most up to date information on school fees, visit Calamvale Community College online at this link.


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