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VIDEO REVIEW: EveryPlate is the New Meal Box for Families on a Budget


It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the home delivered meal box. So when EveryPlate offered me the opportunity to have 3 weeks of meals, with recipes and ingredients, to test out their brand new home delivered meal box service, I leapt at the chance!

EveryPlate is the cheaper spin-off of HelloFresh so they have a whole bunch of experience with this meal box gig.

Right up front, here is my disclaimer: EveryPlate did indeed, give us 3 weeks of meals, free of charge. I am not being paid to write this review and, as always, the opinions expressed below are my own and completely honest.

EveryPlate – is very easy! 

If you are anything like me, then making dinner every. single. night. is not something you relish. In fact, in 2020 particularly, it has been quite onerous on top of everything else. So anything I can do to make dinner time easier is worth investigating. You may remember that I have also reviewed HelloFresh, because I legitimately do love home delivered food.  

I asked my brother-in-law if he would help me trial the EveryPlate boxes. He was keen to check out what was on offer as he is the cook at their house. He even offered to cook ME dinner using them. #winning

We received 6 different meals/recipes each week. And we had boxes delivered over a 3 week period. That meant we only had to think of what to do for dinner 1 night a week!

The EveryPlate website is very easy to navigate. They make ordering online easy. What I loved is that you can clearly see how much *every plate* of food will cost you.

EveryPlate – food, delivered

Like its competitors, EveryPlate deliver on multiple days of the week, so you can choose a day that suits you. Over the 3 weeks that we had the food delivered, we had no trouble with the deliveries being on time.

The ingredients were good. A few of the tomatoes were a bit squishy and there were WAAAAY more carrots than we could eat! But on the whole, the quality of the ingredients we received was good.

Types of Meals

We found that the meals we had with EveryPlate were great for kids. The recipes were very simple, non-fuss and non-spicy (or if there was spice in the recipe, we could leave it out or put less in as we made dinner). The burgers & wedges in particular were a hit.

Some of the other meals included: chicken and vegetables, chicken and salsa with rice, pork stir fry, tacos, steak and vegetables. There were also vegetarian options.

EveryPlate – is super affordable!

OK. So what you really want to know is – how much is it?

Everyplate review

If you order for 6 people for 6 dinners each week, and use our code (see below) it is $2.99 per plate!

If you order the smaller boxes, 2 people and 3 meals per week, the most you will pay is $4.19 per plate with our code.

Video review:


Pros and cons

The pros are obvious, I think.

There are only two cons that I can see at the moment.

One is that their meal selection isn’t huge at the moment as they are only getting started. I found this to be true with HelloFresh too… but as they grew, so did HelloFreshs range. At the time of this review, I think EveryPlate only had 8 different meals to choose from each week.

The only other problems is the amount of packaging. It is quite a lot. Whilst the kids loved playing with the boxes, I do have to mention the amount of packaging around the individually wrapped items… I think you need to wrestle with your own conscience about that. #recycle

EveryPlate discount code

If you want to give EveryPlate a try, do use our discount – FAMILYMPLATE – link to EveryPlate here which will automatically apply a huge 40% discount to your first box AND 20% off the next two boxes!

Make sure you tell your friends AND let us know if you try it and what you think too!

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