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VIDEO: Kids can be King of the Castle At Clip ‘n Climb

You don’t have to have all the expensive gear to give your children a taste of rock climbing, Clip ‘n Climb on the northern end of the Gold Coast has it all.

It’s tucked away in the Game Over facility in Helensvale; a huge indoor centre that also offers Go Karting, Virtual Reality, Laser Tag and heaps more.

Kids Can Climb To New heights At Game Over 1

What’s so great about Clip‘n climb?

Everything! For starters it’s something your kids will get a real kick out of and it’s a great way to boost their self esteem. If they go with mates they can race to the top or try and bet their own personal records because some of the walls have stopwatches.

It’s also a great activity to improve their core strength and a fun way for them to be active. They get to tackle 16 uniquely-themed challenges across a 270sqm area that is well supervised.

Staff make sure there’s no more than 30 climbers per session.

Is there an age limit?

Because a reasonable level of fitness and co-ordination is required, climbers must be aged over four. Climbers must be a 110cm or taller. You should keep in mind the walls are pretty tall and as a result they might be freaky for those who are scared of heights.

Kids Can Climb To New heights At Game Over 1

Should I be worried about their safety?

Heck no, Clip ‘n Climb is well-oiled machine and there is a friendly staff member on site all the time to help climbers. Furthermore, each wall is equipped with the automatic belay system (Trublue) to provide climbers with a safe (yet exciting) controlled descent to the ground.

You might need to help younger children clip and unclip before each climb, but older kids will get the hang of it. In addition, the climbing pit is 1.2m below the indoor go-karting circuit so it’s not as noisy as you’d think.

Tell me about the climbing walls

It’s truly a visual symphony with a variety of funky-looking walls. There are climbs that allow kids to race each other to press a button at the top and dual challenges were friends can scale side-by-side. Some are really tricky and will be impossible for really young kids or those with little upper body strength.
Kids Can Climb To New heights At Game Over 3

Climbing attractions include:

  • Aliens
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Checkerplate
  • Cloud 9
  • Diamonds
  • Dry Ice
  • Hexed
  • Jungle Gym double – race to the top.
  • Lightning Crack
  • Skyscraper
  • Spaghetti Junction
  • Speed Climb double – race to the top.
  • Triffid

Extra for experts

Furthermore, if you’ve got a daredevil child or one who loves adrenalin, there are three climbs tailor-made for them. These are the stairway to heaven, twister tower and the leap of faith; this is a climb where kids leap from a pole to grab a monkey bar or floating punching-bag that is eight metres off the ground!

Be warned, once they’re at the top they might find it pretty freaky.

Kids Can Climb To New heights At Game Over 3

Anything else I should know?

Some kids might be frustrated as not all the climbs are a walk in the park. Also, as a parent you’ll likely be desperate to get up the wall yourself and give the kids a run for their money!

Another thing, just make sure children are wearing appropriate clothing (no skirts or dresses) because they’ll be too busy climbing to care about modesty. Finally, footwear must be covered in and practical.

The essentials

  • Must be 110cm and aged four or over
  • Those under 18 years must be accompanied by adult
  • Jewellery is also best left at home
  • Loose comfortable clothing is recommended
  • The first session is at 10.30am
  • Last session is 7pm Monday through Thursday
  • Final session is 8pm on Saturdays and 4pm on Sundays
  • 45 min sessions, including 15 min safety briefing is $24
  • Leap of faith not included in session, this cost $9 for three leap attempts
  • Climbing and leap of faith combo is 1 hour 15 mins, costs $38
  • Clip ‘n Climb hosts birthday parties
  • Food and drinks available for purchase

Kids Can Climb To New heights At Game Over 1

Where exactly is Clip ‘n Climb?

Check out the Clip’n Climb Video

You can’t miss the large black and white checkered building it’s located in. But just in case, Game Over is located at 88-108 Siganto Drive in Helensvale. Get more details here or call 5519 3999.

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