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Christmas Lights Ipswich QLD 2019 | WITH PHOTOS!!

christmas lights ipswich qld
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Venturing outside of Brisbane to view Christmas Lights is well worth a visit, especially if you have a love for Queenslander houses. The Christmas lights Ipswich QLD really showcase the best of heritage Queenslander living – especially in the town centre of Ipswich.

But the suburbs in between Brisbane West and Ipswich offer an array of lights not to be missed. Here are some tips to ensure your visit to the Christmas Lights in Ipswich, is one to remember.

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Download your Map for Christmas Lights Ipswich QLD

A map showing the houses lit up for Christmas in the Ipswich area can be downloaded from Families Magazine. Because the number of houses are spread out over a vast area, choose a suburb or two and focus on the houses in those areas, instead of trying to fit all the houses in one night.

Make these houses your MUST visits to see Christmas Lights Ipswich QLD

Radio Station, River 94.9 holds its annual Christmas light competition, which highlights the best of the best in Ipswich when it comes to Christmas light displays. Make sure the following award winning light displays are on your itinerary to visit.

Image: 39 Rawlings St Debbing Heights 2018

Winners  of the River 94.9 Christmas Lights competition

Here are the details of the entrants and winners conditions:

  • Entrants are required to have their lights on display for judging from 7.00 pm – 10.00 pm each night between Wednesday 4 December and Sunday 8 December 2019.
  • Finalists will be announced on this website on Monday 9 December.
  • Winners will be announced on this site on Friday 13 December 2019.

Safety First

Once your itinerary is complete, you can decide whether you park your car or drive by the display. Be mindful of other visitors wanting to see the Christmas Lights. Don’t be a nuisance and park in the middle of the road or stop in the middle of the road. It can be hard to predict which houses will get a heavy influx of visitors, so make the decision at the time of your arrival to park or drive by.

Be considerate of the neighbouring properties as well and ensure you don’t park on their driveway or in front of their driveway if you choose to walk to the lights display.
To make the night even more fun for the kids, get them to wear glow sticks. This will help you, and the drive by traffic, see your kids.

The Full List and Map of Ipswich Christmas Lights

To make the most of visiting the Christmas Lights Ipswich QLD, do make sure you download your map and make a note of the ones that have the Christmas tree symbol. That means we have seen their display and we know it is AWESOME and worth the drive!

Download your free Ipswich route map and list of participating houses here.

UPDATED - 2019 Ipswich Christmas lights map and lists image

Digital Driving Route Map for Ipswich Christmas lights

Confirmed Christmas lights in Ipswich for 2019

  • 14 Vantage Place, Redbank Plains
  • 27/1 Main Street, Springfield Lakes
  • 58 Laguna Crescent, Springfield Lakes
  • 22 Apollo Place, Springfield Lakes
  • Congo Circuit, Springfield
  • 6 Ashbrook Place, Springfield
  • 1 Ron Street, Camira
  • 33 William Street, Goodna
  • 195 Redbank Plains Road
  • 12 Tait Ave, Redbank Plains
  • 588 Redbank Plains Road
  • 18 Wood Drive, Redbank Plains
  • 45 Paul Tully Avenue, Collingwood Park
  • 2 Dossie Street, Riverview
  • 7 Shanks Court, Bundamba
  • 3 Lower McCormack Street, Bundamba
  • 108 Naomai Street, Blackstone
  • 23 Boyland Way, Ripley
  • 15 Capriole Close, Yamanto
  • 21 Mustang Street, Yamanto
  • 24 Piccadilly Court, Deebing Heights
  • 68 Sandalwood Drive, Yamanto
  • 4 Yew Street, Yamanto
  • 20 Berry Street, Churchill
  • 54 Jacana Crescent, Flinders View
  • 21 Hillier Court, Flinders View
  • 2 Inverness Street, Flinders View
  • Nova Court, Flinders View
  • 19 Westminster Crescent, Raceview
  • 36 Mahogany Street, Raceview
  • 33 Salisbury Road, Ipswich
  • 4/10 Short Street, Ipswich
  • 13 Minnis Street, Eastern Heights
  • 44 Phyllis Street, Eastern Heights
  • 172 South Station Road, Silkstone
  • 45 Sealy Street, Silkstone
  • 24 Doyle Street, Silkstone
  • 2 Auld Street, Silkstone
  • 22 Queen Street, Newtown
  • 19 Frederick Street, Newtown
  • 13a Green Street, Booval
  • 11 Trumper Street, East Ipswich
  • 1 Springall Street, Basin Pocket
  • 8 Downs Street, North Ipswich
  • 193 Brisbane Street, Ipswich
  • 1/24 Thomas Street, Sadliers Crossing
  • 3 Caspian Court, Wulkuraka
  • 3 Petrie Street, Leichhardt
  • 28 Eagleton Cres, Leichhardt
  • Loder Road, Thagoona
  • 15 Walloon Road, Rosewood
  • 69 John Street, Rosewood
  • 1/8 John Street, Rosewood
  • 57 Ebenezer Rd, Ebenezer
  • 10 Jimbour Court, Brassall
  • 10 Clarice Ave, North Ipswich
  • 9 Blackwood Ave, North Ipswich
  • 134 Lewis Drive, Karalee
  • 3 Pringle Place, Pine Mountain
  • 8 Bolingbroke St East, Fernvale

Download your free driving Christmas lights map for Ipswich – click here.

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