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Christian Easter Activities in Brisbane

This article will share some Christian Easter activities happening in Brisbane!

Overwhelmed by the superficial focus on all things chocolate this Easter? Perhaps you’re looking for Christian Easter activities in Brisbane that will help you recreate your own special childhood memories? Maybe you want to revisit your Christian cultural and religious roots. This Easter there are Christian activities all over Brisbane that fit the bill perfectly.

Stations of the Cross

The annual Stations of the Cross (or Way of Sorrows) at Easter is a solemn commemoration of the death of Christ. For many, it takes the form of a re-enactment of events beginning with the condemnation of Jesus Christ to death by Pontius Pilate through to his ultimate crucifixion. In Rome, this commemoration takes place on Good Friday, with the Pope leading the Stations of The Cross around the Colosseum.

However, you don’t have to travel overseas to witness or participate in the Stations of the Cross. There are a number of Churches in Brisbane that actively celebrate Easter by staging a Stations of the Cross on a much more local and accessible scale. To find out more visit St Johns Cathedral or South Brisbane St Mary’s.

For a different take on the Stations of the Cross in Brisbane and surrounds, the Marian Valley near Canungra in the Gold Coast Hinterland is home to the Catholic order of the Pauline Community (St Paul the First Hermit). A semi-contemplative monastic order, the monastery grounds house the Stations of the Cross in statue form. There are 14 statues in total, one representing each ‘station’ or event leading up to the crucifixion. The grounds also offer a number of Chapels and Mass daily, as well picnic grounds and facilities for those wishing to participate in a retreat. For more information contact marianvalley@bigpond.com or visit Marian Valley.

For more information about the Stations of the Cross from a Catholic perspective click here.

Christian Services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday in Brisbane

Christian Easter Activities in Brisbane

Brisbane is also the focal point of a rich and diverse calendar of Christian activities this Easter. Central to the commemoration of Easter is the multitude of church services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Ranging from traditional services steeped in history and ceremony through to the more contemporary. Services in 2024 tend to include music, and praise-based services, bound to suit your style of Christian worship this Easter.

For more of a modern Christian take on Easter this year, check out the Hillsong Church for details of their services over Easter here.

Even if you are unable to get out and about this Easter, there’s no need to feel isolated. You can get into the spirit of Easter with 96five, a Christian-based community broadcast station.

Finally, if you can find yourself in central Brisbane this Easter and feel that the Salvos may be more your style, you can find further information on their website here. 

This five year old explains the Meaning of Easter:

Regardless of your religious leanings, traditional or modern, there are Christian Easter activities in Brisbane this Easter weekend for you.

Find more things to do with your family these Easter school holidays here in Brisbane and don’t forget to share!

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