Wivenhoe Dam | Upgraded ‘outdoor playground’ in time for summer holidays

Wivenhoe Dam
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Lake Wivenhoe is located approximately 80 kilometres north-west of Brisbane. It provides great recreational facilities as well as being part of the South East Queensland water grid that supplies the region’s drinking water. Now, a major new recreation area at Wivenhoe Dam, previously off limits to the general public, is set to become South East Queensland’s latest outdoor playground.

Lake Wivenhoe gets an upgrade – new bridge

Billies Bay and Hays Landing are located on the eastern side of Lake Wivenhoe and have been transformed into a new recreation destination catering for BBQs, picnics, swimming, fishing, paddling and sailing.

Access to the site, which is effectively on an island located in the middle of Wivenhoe Dam, has been upgraded with a new bridge and resurfaced road and Billies Bay and Hays Landing will collectively boast a double lane boat ramp as well as swimming and picnic facilities.

Billies Bay and Hays Landing – Open to Public for summer

Wivenhoe Dam - canoeing for families

The new site is on schedule to be opened to the general public from Saturday 10 December 2016 to coincide with the first weekend of the summer school holidays.

Wivenhoe Dam is already one of the region’s most popular recreation destinations and Billies Bay and Hays Landing will become the “jewel of the crown” providing public access to areas of the lake normally off limits.

Wivenhoe Dam is renowned for its spectacular scenery and range of recreational opportunities. This development will help enhance the area to make sure it remains a popular destination, especially during summer.

The State Govt has worked closely with Somerset Regional Council as well as the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing to establish this new recreation site, which will quickly become a favourite destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Wivenhoe Dam Activities for Families

Boating is a very popular activity at Lake Wivenhoe for fishermen and nature lovers. Restricted motorised and non-motorised watercraft are now both permitted on the lake. For your safety and to protect the riparian areas around the lake, boats and vessels are only to be operated from designated launch points.Please remember to keep a safe distance from swimmers and paddlers – boats should stay 30 metres away. Please be courteous to the dams neighbours. Much of the land surrounding the lake is private property. Do not launch, retrieve or beach on land around the lakes, other than at signed,designated recreation areas. All activities on Seqwater lakes are covered by the Boating Regulations set by Maritime Safety Queensland.Water skiing, jet skiing, wakeboarding and tubing are not permitted on Lake Wivenhoe.

Camping at Lake Wivenhoe

There are two campgrounds at Lake Wivenhoe, Lumley Hill and Captain Logan, catering for caravans, camper trailers and tents located near Logan’s Inlet off the Brisbane Valley Highway. The site is run by private operators. For all enquiries and bookings please contact the campground directly on 07 5426 4729. Overnight stays on the water are not permitted.

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  1. Gail Thomas says:

    Would it be possible for a small group of people to camp there ? We have our own Electric
    Fence Units & fence a small area with Electric Tape & Tread In “posts” . The horses are quite used to this accommodation & the people either erect small tents or sleep in their vehicles or horse floats.

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