5 Cool Cruise Photos You Must Get

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I’ve said it before and I will say it again… I love to cruise! This August we were lucky enough to book a cabin on P&O’s Pacific Dawn for a mere $385 per person for a week. We did the Island Hopper that went to Noumea, Lifou and Port Villa in Vanuatu.

The best thing about cruising when you are a hard working mumma is the kids club…. only joking… (ssshhh… no I am not!)… it’s the opportunity to mess around with my camera or my phone and stick the kids in weird and wonderful poses to get cool cruise photos.

Here are my top 5 from our most recent cruise:

1. Sunset photos with heart shaped hands

cool cruise photos - heart shaped sunset

Tip: The best way to get this photo is to find out the timing for sunset and head over to the side of the ship around 10 – 15 minutes prior. Then proceed to take 9, 873 photos until one lines up. I am not even joking… it’s kind of impossible to line this up and then take the photo. The ship is moving, your hands are moving, the camera is moving…. this is a ‘hit and hope’ photo shoot… but when you look back through your photos, and you see it… you’ll know it was worth it!

2. Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails

cocktail cool cruise photos

Tip: Cocktails are synonymous with cruises and there are untold numbers of cocktail cool cruise photos you can take. I have no tip for taking a good photo on this one – just drink the cocktails, they’re good, they’re always good….

3. Sunglasses reflection

reflection in glasses cool cruise photos

Tip: Choose your partner, your bestie or just one of your kids and catch the ‘sail away party’ in the reflection of their sunglasses. Simples!

4. PULL the ship in to dock

Pull the ship in to dock - cool cruise photos

Tip: This one does take some lining up. Take your time and move your own body and your camera (don’t ask your kid to move, trust me, that doesnt work!) Get them to put a bit of ‘ompf’ into their ‘pull’ to create a realistic photo.

5. PUSH the ship back into the ocean

Push to ship out cool cruise photos

Tip: This is another one that takes lining up and a bit of ‘ompf’ from the person in the photo to give it a realistic look. Either when you are boarding or after you disembark you can use the glass in the window of the ‘lounge/boarding area’ and push on the window – Master 9 loved this one!

If you are keen on taking your family on a cruise to try out these photo opportunities check out our 10 Top Tips for Cruising with your Family here.

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