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Yoga Studios from the Gold Coast To Byron Bay

We’ve found a number of venues offering kids yoga studios Gold Coast to Byron Bay. Child’s pose? No problem with these studios!

Yoga has fast become a popular pastime for adults around the world and as a result the number of venues offering kids yoga has exploded.

It is now common place to see yoga practiced in day care centres, schools and on school camps, with the range of health benefits it’s no wonder it’s become such a popular exercise for kids.

Why yoga? Studios Gold Coast to Byron Bay are waiting for you!

The purpose of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body.

Yoga is designed to be beneficial and enjoyed by all people, including pregnant women and kids. For those living between the Gold Coast and Byron Bay, there are a variety of choices for yoga classes, retreats and workshops.

We have found some popular studios who are building lasting results and proving popular within their communities on the coast.

Yoga Studios Gold Coast family workout - mother and daughter doing exercises on beach. Mom and child working out on seaside in the morning. Healthy lifestyle concept

Yoga Studios from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay catering for kids

From the Gold Coast to Byron Bay there are a number of yoga studios that stand out for reputation, customer satisfaction and popularity – as well as offering prenatal and postnatal classes and for kids:

1. Healthy Body Studio | Emerald Lakes, Gold Coast, QLD

This studio combines yoga, massage and Pilates and specialises in a new style of yoga called the ‘YogAlign’. This method equips clients with the knowledge and tools to help fix their own body concerns.

Described as a transformational technique, ‘YogAlign’ is said to leave clients feeling energised, flexible, strong, toned and deeply relaxed after every session.

This studio is an ideal location for pregnant women who are experiencing the sometimes painful effects of pregnancy.

2. Gold Coast Pregnancy Yoga | Burleigh, Gold Coast, QLD

Specialising in prenatal, postnatal and even baby yoga (bring your bub along) said to provide a memorable experience for mums and bubs.

The prenatal yoga is focussed at deepening the connection between mum and bub through birthing postures, relief from pain and breathing exercises, while the mums and bubs yoga focuses on rebuilding the strength of the body and facilitating a time to bond with baby.

3. Soul Kids Yoga and Mindfulness | Lennox Heads, NSW

Lennox Heads is home to the yoga and mindfulness experts ‘Soul Kids’, whose focus is on supporting children to tune into ways to calm their minds and bodies and develop a presence in which happiness, learning and healing can take place.

The aim of Soul Kids is to provide a fun, interactive and inspirational space for children to develop the skills to enjoy the benefits of regulating emotions, improve concentration, enhance self-worth and awareness and to develop compassion for others.

This is of course in addition to the physical benefits of flexibility, strength and coordination. Soul Kids can be contacted to join current classes, or to book at your next school or community event.

4. Red Tent Yoga (aka The Women’s Shack) | Byron Bay, NSW

Red Tent Yoga offers a range of pre and post natal, baby, toddler and women focussed yoga classes from their location in Byron Bay.

This spot offers prenatal and postnatal yoga and pregnancy massage in classes or in the form of a mini-retreat. For mothers with young babies and toddlers there are a few programs/classes on offer.

Red Tent Yoga is well known for their holistic approach to motherhood which includes postures, breathing, meditation techniques and deep relaxation plus an opportunity to share and discuss topics as a woman and mother.

Yoga Studios Gold Coast Pregnancy Yoga, Fitness concept. Torso close-up of two beautiful young pregnant yoga models working out indoors. Pregnant fitness women sitting in yogic cross-legged pose at class. Prenatal meditation

Kids and adult yoga studios Gold Coast to Byron Bay

These are just a selection of a vast number of options for yoga studios, classes, retreats and styles of yoga for kids, adults and pregnant women from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay. Ranging in price, style, availability they all maintain the key values, practices and core skills that we all attribute to yoga.

Hot Tips!

  • There are a growing number of yoga classes and retreats catering for a ‘whole family’ experience that can be found from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay – simply search in Google to locate.
  • Most yoga studios offer a beginners level class or ‘drop in’ classes to try before you sign up to longer memberships – so ask before you begin.
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