Sunshine Coast Hockey for kids | What parents want to know!

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We’ve got the round-up on all things Sunshine Coast hockey for kids. Sticks up and out and read on to find the info you need…

Sunshine Coast Hockey

Here are a list of Sunshine Coast hockey clubs that offer competitive hockey for a variety of ages. Some of these are fertile breeding grounds for selection into state trials and competitions. These clubs stretch from Caboolture up to Noosa.


Caboolture Cougars (junior boys teams)
Contact: Ruth Seeley
Email: or visit their website.

Caloundra Seahawks (for ages 5 and up)
Contact: Secretary – Cindy Elliot
Phone: 0408 399 408
Email: or visit their website.


Maroochydore Hockey Club (junior boys and junior girls teams)
Contact: Secretary – Tracy Armitage
Phone: 0413 861 601
Email: or visit their website.

Nambour Blue Demons (junior teams)
Contact: President – Misty Rowe
Phone: 0407 724 088
Email: or visit their website.

Buderim Rebels (junior teams)
Contact: Tony Dunn
Phone: 0419 788 611
Email: or visit their website.

We’ve also located the form you need to fill out to indicate interest in joining Sunshine Coast Hockey.

Benefits of playing in team sports for kids

There are a huge amount of benefits involved when it comes to encouraging kids to take part in team sports. Vital life skills can be learnt on the hockey field!

Hockey encourages resilience, determination, communication and problem-solving. It’s a great way for kids to develop close, life-long bonds with children who have similar interests as they do – as well as some who are completely different!

Sunshine Coast hockey is an excellent choice to help your children develop a love of healthy competition and activity. There are strict guidelines involving player (and parent) behaviour and respect – this is a positive environment where poor behaviour is simply not tolerated.

It’s not just bigger kids who can play sports, either. We’ve also found some awesome toddler-friendly sports you can start this year with your little ones!


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