Summer Holiday Packing Checklist

Summer Holiday Packing Checklist
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It’s the end of the year and you deserve a break. We can make that a little easier for you by taking care of the packing for you … sort of. Well, we can tell you what to pack, we can’t promise your kids won’t go in an unpack it all behind you!

Summer holiday packing checklist

A summer getaway is fun for everyone, but making sure you have everything you need without packing the entire house can be a challenge.

Your holiday might involve the beach, picnics, dressing up, dressing down, chilly evenings, day trips, night trips … so what do you really need to take with you for the kids?

Families Magazine summer packing guide

The sensible stuff

  • Insect repellent and sunblock – stock up when it’s cheap and don’t pay ‘holiday’ prices
  • Sunglasses and hats for the whole family.
  • Refillable water bottles to save you $$$
  • Essential medications and a fully stocked First Aid Kit including pain relief for the kids
  • Wet wipes. Lots of wet wipes
  • Healthy snack options to save you spending money on junk on the road
  • Your chargers. All of the chargers! Don’t forget to bring them home though

 The fun stuff

  • Board games – we mentioned a couple of good board games here
  • Beach shade – umbrella or gazebo
  • Colouring and activity books with pencils or crayons. Forget textas, you don’t need to be cleaning hotel walls and furnishings.
  • Inflatables for creek floating
  • Books or a loaded kindle
  • A tablet – while you might want to disconnect on holidays, having Netflix on hand is super useful if the rain sets in

The essential stuff

  • Tickets for travel and experiences – you can save by booking some things ahead
  • Accommodation confirmation
  • Vaild Passports and visas if heading overseas
  • Travel insurance details

The wearable stuff

  • Travelling clothes, think loose and comfortable for on the road or in the air
  • Underwear and socks – this is easily washable in sinks, so don’t panic about how much
  • Thongs or sandals PLUS more durable closed in shoes in case you go exploring PLUS shoes that are appropriate if you head out to dinner or an event
  • Beach wear: swimwear and beach cover ups
  • Going out clothes, depending on what you have planned you might need to dress up at least once
  • At least one jumper/cardigan in case summer forgets what season it is
  • Light long pants and sleeves as protection against mosquitos
  • Please don’t forget the Babiators. Eye health even for kids, is uber-important, particularly in summer

However you’re spending this summer, we wish you health, happiness and tonnes of family fun!

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