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Queensland Premier’s Reading Challenge

We are HUGE fans of the Premier’s Reading Challenge! Most importantly, we love that it’s not a competition but a way to encourage children to love reading for life.

If you enjoy escaping to new worlds through the wonder of books then you understand the magic of reading. Moreover, with a book in hand, you can travel anywhere. Books are a great way to manage your mental health, slow down, reflect, and of course, learn new things! So now that we’ve established reading is almost as important as breathing let’s have a look at what The Premier’s Reading Challenge is all about.

What is The Premier’s Reading Challenge?

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is an annual event for:

  • Queensland state and non-state schools and home-educated students from Prep to Year 9
  • Children (aged up to 5 years) enrolled in an early childhood centre

In a nutshell, kids can participate at their school, early childhood centre, or as individual readers at home.

Over a designated time period kids are encouraged to read a set number of texts for their age group. The hope is they will explore and enjoy a wide range of books from different genres, cultures etc. 

Upon completion, your child’s efforts will be recognised with a Certificate of Achievement signed by the Premier of Queensland. How awesome is that?! Early childhood centres will also receive a centre-wide certificate of recognition for their involvement.

Encouraging reading in kids

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The Premier’s Reading Challenge is not a compulsory activity. However, schools and centres embrace it because it encourages children to read more. If you’re the parent of an enthusiastic reader, you may choose not to participate. On the other hand, the promise of a certificate may be enough motivation for kids who read reluctantly.

The side benefit to participation

There is a recommended reading list for the challenge, broken down by age group. The recommended reading list for 2024 will shortly be released. The benefit of the reading list is that it covers a broad selection of age appropriate topics by credible authors. Expanding your child’s interests and getting them “hooked” on new authors is a benefit for families of already strong readers. On the downside, these books are likely to be checked out of the school library for the duration of the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

2024 Queensland Premier’s Reading Challenge

Online database registrations for the 2024 Premier’s Reading Challenge will open on the 22 April 2024. The reading period will commence on 7 May 2024 and end on 23 August 2024.

Past Premier’s Reading Challenge activities

School and individual readers (Prep to Year 9)

For your child to successfully complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge they are required to read or ‘experience’ the number of books indicated below:

  • Prep to Year 2—read or experience 20 books.
  • Years 3 to 4—read 20 books.
  • Years 5 to 9—read 15 books.

Wondering what the term ‘experiencing’ a book means? In sum, experiencing a book includes classroom or at home activities such as shared reading, listening and reading along with a book, or being read to.

You may be pondering why Year 5 through to Year 9 students are encouraged to read 15 books rather than 20 books? This is to acknowledge that older kids are likely to select books that may take them longer to read.

Your child is encouraged to select a range of fiction and non-fiction books suited to their reading ability. While there is no compulsory reading list for the challenge, book lists are available to help select appropriate reading material.

Early childhood centres and individual readers

For our Early childhood centres and individual home readers, you’ll participate in a simplified version of the challenge. This means you tally the total number of book experiences or literary activities over a 1-week period.

Key Dates for 2024 Reading Challenge

22 April 2024Online registrations open. Register here.
7 May 2024The reading period commences for Prep to Year 9 students*
12 to 23 August 2024Early childhood participation period
23 August 2024Reading period finishes for Prep to Year 9 students*
Student reading record forms submitted to schools
6 September 2024All reading data must be finalised in the database
October 2024Certificates of Achievement issued
4 to 15 November 2024Premier’s Reading Challenge celebration weeks

*You can choose when to commence and conclude the reading challenge, as long as it’s within the timeframes outlined above.

Register for The Premier’s Reading Challenge

Close to 900 schools and 320 centres took part in the 2023 challenge. As a result, more than 110,000 Queensland children and students read over 1.5 million books. What an achievement! Register here to get involved in the 2024 challenge.

How can you help light the literacy spark?

Got challenges with reading?  Families Magazine is here to help:

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