Plastic Bag BAN QLD – Are you ready?

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The Plastic bag BAN is coming as Queensland gets set to encourage other states to embrace sustainability. But how will this impact our households?

Plastic Bag Ban – What’s Happening?

South Australia phased out single-use plastic bags as long ago as 2009 but, until now, other states have been slow to come to the sustainability party.

The Queensland Labor Government has taken up the challenge and are now forging ahead with a plan to phase the use of plastic bags out beginning in 2018.

It’s an exciting move for the Sunshine State but it’s being met with some opposition from members of the community as well as retailers, who will cop a BIG fine if they’re found breaking the rules.

But what am I going to use instead?!

This might come as a shock but you don’t need single-use plastic bags. You just don’t. The momentary convenience of their usage cannot compare to the lasting negative impact on the environment. It’s time to stop being selfish and start being serious about making a real and lasting change.

You can already buy a range of green bags from your usual grocery retailers. There are lots of ways to take a little tiny bit of extra time to make a big difference. You might not be around to fully see the impact of the plastic bag ban – but your children will, and their children after them. What you might consider to be a momentary annoyance WILL create a greener world.

Sustainability and kids

Our children learn about recycling at school. They do research projects on how plastic dumped into the oceans is killing sealife. They learn about how long it takes a plastic bag to break down (SPOILER ALERT: Up to 1000 years for plastic bags and 450 years for plastic bottles). They MUST wonder why, when we have access to all of this information and understanding, their parents CONTINUE to use plastic in wasteful ways.

Reuse and recycle

Talk to your children about how you can make small changes in your home to create a more sustainable world. Compost? Growing your own vegetables? Repurposing waste into objects and projects that can be used around the home? There’s a world of opportunity waiting right in your very own home – and it’s the perfect opportunity to extend your children’s learning outside of the classroom and get them doing something REAL. 

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