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northpine christian college
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Northpine Christian College, located at Dakabin in Brisbane’s north, offers a high quality prep to year 12 education designed to allow students to be the best that they can be. 

Northpine Christian College

This is a leading independent co-educational school that has a vibrant and friendly community with an excellent reputation for developing students of fine character who are prepared for the future.

Northpine Christian College provides holistic education and has done so for over 70 year. This is a happy community wherein a sense of belonging is promoted amongst students, families and staff. Broad-based education programs provide students with many experiences and opportunities to fulfil their potential and be prepared for life beyond school. Students here are gifted with the confidence to achieve their academic and personal goals. 


What are the co-curricular options at Northpine Christian College? 

There is a wide range of co-curricular options available for the lucky students of Northpine Christian College. These pertain to music, sporting, academic, cultural and spiritual life. For a better picture of what might be awaiting your child, it is best if you ask questions during the enrolment process for specific answers designed for your individual child.

What are the school fees at Northpine Christian College?

These fees were current as at December 2019 and are inclusive of all levies and charges.

Prep to year 5: $4284

Year 6: $4584

Year 7: $5848

Year 8: $5828

Year 9: $5808

Year 10: $5888

Year 11: $6716

Year 12: $6696


You can arrange a personalised tour through friendly and knowledgeable staff. If you are interested in finding out more about Northpine Christian College you can find them online here.

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