The Pros and Cons of Kids Tennis

The Pros and Cons of Tennis for Kids
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Does your child show an interest in sports? Great. Sometimes, however, finding the ‘right’ extra curricular activity for your child can be tricky. You don’t want your child complaining when its time to head out the door to their sporting activity. That’s why tennis for kids can work well for your family, we’ll outline the pros and cons so you can decide

Pros of kids tennis

Health benefits – Kids tennis is an energetic sport, which involves fast movement and thus requires stamina and agility. Obviously it takes a little time to learn the right techniques, but once your child is capable of serving the ball and rallying bath and forth, this will boost your child’s fitness levels and overall physical health.

Builds confidence – Kids tennis provides an opportunity to learn and master a new skill. With regular participation, your child will begin to recognise improvement in his / her sporting techniques, which inevitably boosts self-confidence.

Social benefits – By participating in regular classes, your child will start to form new friendships with like-minded peers. Kids tennis offers the opportunity for your child to socialise and cooperate with others. Although tennis is generally thought of as an individual sport, tennis clubs teach groups of kids together, offering a wider circle of friendship for your child.

Cons of kids tennis

Can be costly – Tennis for kids can be expensive. Depending on the club, you could be looking at registration fees, term fees and then equipment should your child decide to pursue the sport. There’s a racquet to buy, racquet accessories (replacement grips for example), a racquet bag, appropriate shoes and clothing.

Time consuming – Just like other extra curricular activities, tennis for kids requires your time. There’s ferrying your child tennis practice after school, at the weekends, or both. If your child starts competing, you’ve got tournaments to add to your weekly schedule, too.

Injuries – Tennis for kids isn’t a contact sport, but that’s not to say your child is completely void of a possible injury. Tennis is a fast paced sport, which can therefore put pressure on your body. Repetitive movements can put strain on joints and muscles, although this is usually more of a problem for those who play tennis a lot.
Weigh up the options, and decide whether tennis for kids is right for your family. Perhaps enquire with a local tennis club, and see if your child can trial a class or two?

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