Natural Bridge Gold Coast with Kids

Natural Bridge gold coast 2
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Winding trails, gorgeous scenery and natural wonders. What’s NOT to love about a trip to visit the Natural Bridge, Gold Coast?

Natural Bridge Gold Coast… Where to?

The Natural Bridge can be found on Nerang-Murwillumbah Road in Springbrook.

Natural Bridge Gold Coast map

The track that leads to the Natural Bridge is easily accessible from the car park (you’re looking at about a 1km walk from the car park to the attraction of relatively easy terrain).

Natural Bridge Gold Coast start of track

What’s to see at the Natural Bridge itself?

You’re going to find an absolute treasure. This spectacular formation has been formed over millenia due to naturally occuring erosion from the nearby waterfalls. The eeire beauty inside is almost other-worldly.

Natural Bridge gold coast 1

On your journey to the structure keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready! Get the kids to check these critters off their list:

  • Paradise Rifebirds
  • Fruit Doves
  • Cascade Tree Frog (a rare, threatened species that just loves it around here!)
  • Koalas
  • Sooty Owls
  • Catbirds
  • Tusked Frogs
  • Luminous fungi and fireflies (particularly cool if you’re walking around at dusk)

This area is also home to the fabulous GLOW WORMS – one of the BEST natural attractions in the Gold Coast region.

Anything else we can look for?

Our intrepid adventurers found this pretty spectacular ‘fixer-upper’ on their journey to the Natural Bridge. You could have a creativity-promoting discussion with your kids about it.

How did this house get there?

Who lived there? What was their story?

Is this house magical? Why do you think that?

Ask your kids to journal their adventures and see what amazing story ideas they can come up with!

Natural Bridge gold coast 3

For your trip to Natural Bridge Gold Coast, Families Magazine recommends…

  • Hat, sunscreen and appropriate sun-safety measures. Just because the track is shaded doesn’t mean you’re fully protected from the sun.
  • Watter bottles.
  • Cameras / phones.
  • Wearing comfortable walking shoes.
  • Insect repellant.
  • Snacks (please ensure you take an appropriate bag to discard of your rubbish with and don’t leave any out for animals).

Enjoy one of the most beautiful natural wonders on the Eastern Coast of Australia!

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