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Korean BBQ Brisbane & Mongolian BBQ Restaurants!

Mongolian and Korean BBQ Brisbane offers a fun and exciting dining experience that the kids will love! It’s a fantastic DIY experience for the whole family that is sure to keep the kids busy and happy. If you are looking for Korean restaurants in Brisbane, we’ve got your list right here!

History of Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ has truly come a long way from its ancient tribal origins to the point of global popularity that it is enjoying today. Some historians point out that Koreans descended from the eastern barbarians of Maek, a nomadic group of people who left their territory in central Asia to go east.

The Maek group brought a special kind of meat dish with them so they could have enough sustenance to survive the harsh elements that they expected to face during their movement. The name that they gave to this meat dish is Maekjeok, and the meat cuts involved in this dish had already been seasoned prior to cooking.

The Maek’s cooking technique differed from the technique that was used to prepare typical Chinese meat dishes wherein the meat would only be seasoned after it has already been cooked.

What happens at a Korean BBQ restaurant?

Korean barbecue (고기구이, gogi-gui, “meat roast”) refers to the popular method in Korean cuisine of grilling meat, typically beef, pork, or chicken. Such dishes are often prepared on gas or charcoal grills built into the dining table itself. Some Korean restaurants in Brisbane that do not have built-in grills provide customers with portable stoves for diners to use at their tables. Alternatively, a chef uses a centrally displayed grill to prepare dishes to order.

The most representative form of gogi-gui is bulgogi, usually made from thinly sliced marinated beef sirloin or tenderloin. Another popular form is galbi, made from marinated beef short ribs. However, gogi-gui also includes many other kinds of marinated and unmarinated meat dishes, and can be divided into several categories. Korean barbecue is popular among Koreans, but has also gained popularity worldwide and in Brisbane.

Fancy improving your BBQ cooking skills?

Mongolian BBQ Brisbane AND Korean BBQ Brisbane

With a focus on fresh meats and vegetables, Mongolian & Korean BBQ Brisbane is a great healthy eating choice for every member of the family. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s FRESH. Great choice, Brisbane!

After being seated at a table, often with your very own personal hot plate, you will be offered an abundance of Korean or Mongolian food along with all the necessary barbecuing utensils. From pork to prawns, capsicum to baby corn, there is sure to be something to please every member of the family – and every sized appetite. Grab a pair of tongs and your favourite meats and vegetables and get sizzling!

Best of all? This tends to be an affordable dinner option with a set price per person for all you can eat – you can barbecue and eat until every tummy is full and happy. The kids will love helping with the tabletop hot plate while trying delicious Korean BBQ or Mongolian food – an excellent way to get kids to eat their vegetables! We’ve found the best on offer for Korean BBQ and Mongolian BBQ Brisbane!

Korean BBQ locations in Brisbane City

Check out these Korean BBQ locations in Brisbane for some delicious food for you and your family and friends.

Hanwoori Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ Brisbane

70 Mary Street

Brisbane City

5.30pm – 10.00pm

07 3211 5710

Maru Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ Brisbane

157 Elizabeth St

Brisbane City

11:00AM – Midnight

(07) 3221 7778 / (07) 3012 9912

Warawara Izakaya

Korean BBQ Brisbane


1st Floor 153 Elizabeth St

Brisbane City

Open for lunch and until 1am

(07) 3191 4640

The Journey Korean Restaurant

2/119 Charlotte St

Brisbane City

11.30am – 1.00am

(07) 3012 7883

Korean BBQ locations in Brisbane Suburbs

It’s not always about heading into the city! Sometimes you just want a great meal in your local suburb (or the suburb next door!) We’ve found our favourites here:

Midam Korean Charcoal BBQ – Korean BBQ Sunnybank

3/21 Farne Street


5.00pm – 10.00pm

07 3344 5001

Dae Jang Kum Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant

8 Zamia St


Open for lunch and closes at 12am

(07) 3345 6939

JJ Korean Kitchen BBQ

Korean BBQ Brisbane

Sunnybank Plaza

358 Mains Rd


(07) 3195 5342

Sizzling Mongolian House

2/144 Indooroopilly Road



07 3870 2272

Sizzling Mongolian House

3896 Pacific Highway



07 3806 0611

Still hungry for more?

Get to your nearest Korean BBQ or Mongolian BBQ restaurant and get sizzling! If your tribe is STILL hungry then take a look at our list of extensive ALL YOU CAN EAT restaurants in Brisbane! Or if your finances are suffering you can feed yo’ tribe for FREE here.

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