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Kimberley College Carbrook: Parent Fact Sheet

Conveniently located with easy access to both the Logan and Redland Bay communities and nestled in a picturesque, semi-rural setting, Kimberley College at Carbrook is a co-educational, non-denominational independent school. Catering for Prep to year 12, the college takes a holistic approach to education that is underpinned by the Marzano framework. As part of Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ), the college is committed to delivering high quality and contemporary education that supports and aligns with a values driven approach. 

Core values – Respect I Integrity I Collaboration I Creativity I Health & Wellbeing.  

In partnership with families and caregivers, the college is creating an inclusive and welcoming student focused community for students. Kimberley College supports and nurtures the academic, social, and emotional growth of every student and offer a real-world and thematic approach to curriculum. The college is passionate about the future of their students and recognise that each student is an individual with infinite potential. 

Health and wellbeing are embedded in the college values and is a fundamental element of the college’s pastoral care model which is focused on creating a healthy environment for students to feel safe and secure to learn, play and grow. Biennially the college hosts it very own Invictus Wellbeing Conference where students participate in a wide range of wellbeing activities and workshops over two days. Other initiatives include peer mentoring programs, student council, the student hub and whole of college supported events like Shave for A Cure and R U OK day.

Extracurricular activities at Kimberly College

Kimberley College is well regarded for its range of co and extracurricular activities on offer, all designed to provide genuine opportunities for students to find their purpose and passion. Activities include an Instrumental music program, college rock band, representative and premier sports, debating and public speaking and distinguished football and dance programs. Thursday Extra’s program for middle school students (years 7 – 9) includes interschool sport and other options like bee keeping and wake boarding.

Students from Year 3 to Year 11 participate in annual camps which allows students to step outside of the familiar environment of the college and be challenged on a personal level and when collaborating as part of a team to creatively solve challenges. Students learn to build resilience and develop a host of new skills including communication, trust, mutual support, motivation, and leadership. Other opportunities to participate include the RAW obstacle challenge and the Kokoda Challenge.

Kimberley College primary school

The Kimberley College Primary School offers a small and unique learning environment as a single-stream Prep to Year 6 multi-age school. The primary classrooms and play areas are located at the front of the campus for easy parental access. Throughout their learning journey in primary school, students are offered opportunities to participate in theme-based learning experiences which implement the Australian Curriculum.

Middle school

In addition to the academic and curriculum requirements, the middle school environment (Years 7 – 9) is designed to cater to the social and emotional wellbeing of the students. For students in Years 7 and 8, the middle school program features multi-aged classrooms or ‘pods’ with approximately 25 students per pod. Teaching teams coordinate learning experiences in each pod to drive a passion and enjoyment of learning by using real world examples and materials. 

Year 9 students work together in dedicated classroom spaces with a core teacher and subject specific teachers on the Year 9 curriculum to prepare and support their passage into Year 10 and the senior school. In addition to the core subjects of Mathematics, English, Science, Philosophy, and PE, Year 9 students undertake a Rites of Passage Program, and two specialist subjects each term on a rotational basis.

Sports at Kimberley College

Rites of Passage Program

The Rites of Passage Program is a flagship program for the college and has been co-developed in consultation with international expert, Dr Arne Rubinstein OAM and the Rites of Passage Institute. This bespoke wellbeing program is embedded into the College curriculum and is designed to support teenagers as they navigate the challenges of transitioning from children into young adults. Throughout Year 9, students learn about self, community and 21st. century life skills including resilience, a growth mindset and having a purpose beyond self. The program culminates with a Year 9 annual camp and special ceremony with parents and caregivers as the capstone events for the middle school before transitioning into the Kimberley College senior school.

Senior school

Graduating from Kimberley College is so much more than a final score on a piece of paper. Kimberley College offers senior students (years 10 – 12) a variety of pathways to help each student successfully prepare for the workforce of the future. The college sees its role to support their students with the appropriate study courses, apprenticeships, and work experience to cater for a variety of career ambitions and acknowledges students need a broad set of transferrable skills to be able to thrive once they finish school.  

Embedded within the Kimberley College mission is the desire to help students find both their purpose and passion and Kimberly College is committed to finding the right pathway for each individual student. In addition to those senior students on an academic pathway undertaking subjects for an ATAR result and tertiary education, the college currently has more than 100 senior students across year 11 and 12 enrolled in the TAFE at School program. Students also have the option of completing a Diploma of Business delivered on campus providing a formally recognised national qualification and alternative pathway to some university courses.                 

Transport options

Kimberley College provides a private bus service for our current students that covers a large across Logan and Redlands including part of South Brisbane and the northern end of the Gold Coast. Transdev also operates TransLink school bus service that includes a scheduled stop at the College. 

What are the school fees?

Kimberley College is proud to continue to offer a low fee structure compared to other independent private schools within the region, aligned with our commitment of providing affordable, high-quality education and are in the range of $5,500 – $6000 per annum per child with a sibling discount available for families with three or more children currently enrolled.   

To find out more about Kimberley College, visit www.kimberley.college or register online for the upcoming Open Day on Saturday 11 May.

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