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How to get an Ipswich Private School Scholarship for your child

Are you wondering how to get an Ipswich private school scholarship to one of the best high schools in Ipswich? Private school scholarships are available in Ipswich but they’re highly sought after and things can get very competitive. Full scholarships and bursary grants largely come down to your child’s results in the ACER scholarship examinations that are held in February each year. So how can you try to take advantage of this opportunity? Read on to find out the facts.

What is the difference between a scholarship & a bursary?

To get an Ipswich private school scholarship (a set fee paying program) the student must be able to meet specific criteria. Usually they excel academically and get a very high ACER exam score. Scholarships can also be based on sporting or cultural achievements. A bursary is funding offered by elite schools at the discretion of the Principal on a case-by-case basis. Usually, this will go to a student who is already at the school and doing extremely well but who lacks the financial means to cover their full fees. This might mean they receive discounts on their school fees or even free tuition if the school wants them to stay.

What is the ACER Exam?

ACER is a nationwide test that happens in February each year to help schools decide their scholarship candidates. Skills tested include the student’s ability to interpret, infer, deduce and think critically. Tests are NOT curriculum based. After you enrol your child as a candidate you will then be able to access resources, mock exams and teaching materials to use to prepare. ACER online offers prep testing to any enrolled students. Once you have registered, you then apply for scholarships through the website. You might want to consider focusing on your desired school where you hope to gain an Ipswich private school scholarship – applying for ALL the scholarships means your child will have to sit ALL of the tests.

Tests are available for students entering elite schools from grade five up to senior. Some schools will only choose you if you list their scholarship as your first choice so think carefully. Each test usually costs around $100.

Want to see the test for yourself? Sample ACER Questions

Ipswich Private School Scholarship – which schools?

How to get a scholarship will depend on the criteria set by each individual school. It’s vital to read up on the best school scholarship options for your child before listing your preferences through the ACER system. Take your time, call or email them to ask questions and be as informed about your decision as possible. This needs to be the right choice for your child and an atmosphere where they will be able to do well.

Ipswich Girls and Junior Grammar School

Ipswich private school scholarship

Scholarship Name: Trustees Scholarship (entering year 7), Academic Scholarship (entering year 7 to 12), Special Ability Scholarship (entering year 7 to 12), School Captain Scholarship (entering year 7 and was school captain in year 6), Defence Force Family Scholarship (entering year 7 to 12), Lylie Argues Memorial Scholarship (entering year 11)

West Moreton Anglican College

West Moreton Anglican - Ipswich private school scholarship

Scholarship Name: Academic and Special Talent (Agriculture, Art, Dance, Drama, Equestrian, Language, Music, Sports)
How to apply: How to apply for a scholarship at West Moreton Anglican College
Criteria: ACER Examination, Principal’s interview, demonstration of academic achievement and capacity, capacity to contribute as a College leader and learner, demonstration of respect and responsibility. Must provide school reports and NAPLAN results.

The Springfield Anglican College

Scholarship Name: Academic Scholarship
Commencement Grade: All
Criteria: Register online and contact Mrs Bonita Marshall on 07 3818 5777 for more details.
Scholarship Name: All Round Ability Scholarship
Commencement Grade: All
Criteria: Demonstration of capable academics and highly developed abilities in either Creative Arts or in a Sport. You need to have represented your sport at state level in order to be considered. Must be able to maintain high levels of effort an application in every subject, contribute extensively to the College’s extracurricular program and consistently meet behavioural expectations. Forward written application (including portfolio of achievement) to Mr Darren Pitt, Principal.

Ipswich Grammar School

Scholarship Name: ICS Academic Scholarship
Commencement Grade: Targeted year levels are 7 and 10. Can be awarded at other year levels under special circumstances assessed on an individual basis. Discount applies to tuition fees only and can range depending on what level the applicant meets the criteria.
Criteria: Overall academic performance, future potential, diligence and application, achievement and involvement in other areas of excellence, demonstrated community ties, leadership capacity, ACER results.
Bursary Options: IGS Special Abilities Bursary
Commencement Grade: Targeted year levels are 7 and 10. Can be awarded at other year levels under special circumstances assessed on an individual basis. Discount applies to tuition fees only and can range depending on what level the applicant meets the criteria.

Criteria: Instrumental and Vocal Music, Visual and Performing Arts and Sporting all have very specific criteria which can be found at this link.

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