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The best of Pinterest’s ‘First Day at School Photo ideas’!

The first day of school! It feels like it’ll never happen but then, somehow, it’s suddenly here! You want to do something special to mark this once-in-a-lifetime occasion that is a symbol of your baby growing up and heading out into the world. Do your usual attempts at collecting these precious memories feel more FAIL than WIN? Want to try something different? Have a look at our “Best of first day of school photo ideas” list from Pinterest!

First day chalkboard

first day of school ideas

Get your tiny tot to hold up a colourful sign like this on their first day! Imagine how sweet it would be if you got them to do the same thing at the start of each of their school years. Some of these answers would definitely change over time! You can buy chalkboard paint from hardware stores to make something like this out of material you already have in the house. Cheap, effective, gorgeous!

Photo frame

first day of school photo ideas

Frame your little one in imagery associated with their first day – maybe a little picture of their school logo, some pencils and crayons, their school hat hanging off the corner. A cost and time-effective device that will make your first day photos pop off the page.

Days gone by

first day of school photo ideas

Awwwww! Have your little one hold their picture from kindy to show how far they’ve already come! You could get creative with this one and have the images going progressively out the older and older they get. Start a cute tradition!

Big shoes to fill

first day of school photo ideas

HOW. CUTE. Celebrate your child’s entrance into the world of big school with a senior jersey from the year they’ll be graduating! This one might lead to waterworks though as it will make them look even littler.

Knowledge tree

first day of school photo ideas

Gather all of their school books together, stack them up and have them perch right on the top! Look at all of that knowledge they’re going to gain over the course of the next year. And all those things they have to carry!

Hungry hungry caterpillar

first day of school photo ideas

Show your child how special today is by laying out the journey of how far they’ve come so far. You could use photos from birthdays, big ‘firsts’ like steps or teeth, momentous occasions and special events. Have your child pose for the photo near the caterpillar and then add that shot on as well.


first day of school photo ideas

After you’ve taken your shot you can get creative with your framing. Try Scrabble tiles and pencils in the frame like in this image to spell out just how special this day truly was!

When I grow up…

first day of school photo ideas

Set up a photo studio in your own home with a message behind your child. What do they want to be when they grow up? How will going to school and learning help them achieve that goal?

Up up and away!

first day of school photo ideas

This might be a tricky one as flash will bounce off the balloon but writing in a light pen on a dark surface like this one can make for a beautiful photo. This would be a great idea for nervous kids as it will give them something else to focus on – who doesn’t love a balloon!

The letter

first day of school photo ideas

You might find a big letter like this at a discount store or you be able to make one out of wood offcuts. Using blackboard paint you can colour over the wood and then chalk your details on. This is something special that your child can keep in their room or that you might want to put on the wall as a keepsake.

Strike a pose

first day of school photo ideas

Get your child to pose with props that are associated with school! Books, apples, rulers, pens. Anything you can think of! Have a fun photo shoot against an interesting background (your phone will do a nice focal point shift that will give it a cool effect) and see what you come up with together!

The quiz

first day of school photo ideas

Ask your child a series of questions and then record their answers. Make sure they stand to the side of the frame when you are taking the shot so you have room to record their responses. You can then do an edit like this in Photoshop or even in Paint if you’re a bit more old-school.

Two Face

first day of school photo ideas

Now this is a cool idea! Find a photo of their face from when they were smaller. Get it blown up to life-size. Cut it in half and then ask them to pose just like this to see the difference. They will LOVE it.

Frame it

first day of school photo ideas

Here’s an idea to create a frame using lead pencils. You could use other stationery like highlighters, rulers or even erasers lined up in a row. Make sure to use some serious glue! You might want to laminate the photo prior to starting in case you need to have a few goes before getting it right.

Printable Poster

first day of school photo ideas

This is similar to an earlier idea but you’re going to ask your child to fill out the answers with you for a more personal touch.

We’ve provided you with lots of different ideas for how to add a little sparkle to such a momentous occasion. The first day at school is a huge deal for kids and for parents – all the best with yours and we hope it’s a beautiful day to remember forever!

Pinterest has a huge range of ideas and you can check out these ideas and more on their boards!

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