Family fun over the holidays at Binna Burra Lodge camping site!

Binna Burra aerial photo
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Binna Burra Lodge camping is an amazing place to take your family for holidays! Have a look at our overview and start planning your next adventure now!

Why is camping great for families?

If you’re a seasoned camper then you’ll already know how awesome camping can be for kids of any age. If you’re new to the experience or you’re not sure if it’s for you, consider the following life skills that camping helps to develop in children…

  • Your children will become more resilient
  • Your children will develop key problem-solving skills
  • Your children will enjoy nature as they exercise
  • Your children will be exposed to ‘hard work’ instead of having everything handed to them
  • Your children will be called upon to develop their patience, tolerance and respect

When you put it that way… why isn’t everyone camping?!

Binna Burra Lodge (please note – the lodge burned down in the September 2019 fires)

Point your car south and travel about an hour and a half until you come to the Lamington National Park. Nestled between the Numinbah valley and the coastal plans are the gorgeous views and laid-back atmosphere of one of the areas premium camping and accommodation venues.

There are both accommodation and activities facilities at Binna Burra Lodge. Of evenings you’ll find campfires everywhere with marshmallows to toast and spotlight walks to peek at nocturnal animals. During the day, as well as all the usual family favourites of sports and beach trips, you’ll also find that the staff put on ropes courses, flying fox and abseiling!

Camping at Binna Burra Lodge

campers at Binna Burra Lodge

Each site has its own fire-pit! You can bring your own tent or hire a Safari Tent (a canvas cabin). The Safari Tent might be a good call if you’re new to the camping game as you don’t have to set it up yourself. It includes:

  • Pine beds and mattresses
  • A private veranda
  • Furniture (table and chairs)
  • Floors
  • Screened windows
  • Lighting

You have to BYO linen.

The campsite itself contains full showering and toileting facilities as well as a laundry (coin-operated washer and dryer). BBQ stoves and hot plates are available but, again, you must bring all your own utensils and cook-ware.

There is a small shop onside that sells firewood, milk and ice but for larger purchases you’ll have to travel to the nearby townships.

Camping – the ultimate school holiday

Get away from the screens, the screaming and the stress of city life and get back to basics. Your family will thank you for it!

If you’d like to know more about camping at Binna Burra Lodge visit them online or ring (07) 5533 3622 for more details.

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