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Family Friendly Walk – Fingal Head Lighthouse

By Jenna Marrone for Families Magazine – Gold Coast

Finding family friendly things to do on the weekend is a top priority for parents everywhere. The families of the Gold Coast, Tweed and Byron Shires are lucky enough to be close to the family friendly walk of Fingal Head Lighthouse and coastal reserve.

This walk might just hold the ticket for a fun adventure that will tire out the little people in your life, while also being fun, educational and scenic.

Finding the Fingal Head Lighthouse

This weekend outing is located by road from the Pacific Highway as you cross over the Tweed River heading South. If you are using Google Maps search for: Fingal Head Lighthouse and Coastal Reserve.

Fingal Head Lighthouse family friendly walk

What you’ll find at the Fingal Head Lighthouse and Coastal Reserve

The Fingal Head Lighthouse and Coastal Reserve is a great spot for a family friendly adventure. There is an easy walking track, spectacular views and plenty of marine life to spot.

There are tracks that lead off the main trail to Dreamtime Beach or Leticia Spit to explore.

Fingal Head Lighthouse family observing lava rock formation

For families interested in the history of the area, the Fingal Heads Lighthouse and the Giant’s Causeway the name for the crescent-shaped hexagonal rock formations at the base of the headland are our recommendations.

Another favourite activity of many people who walk this track is to picnic at headland while enjoying the view.

Family Friendly ‘To Do’ List for Fingal Head Lighthouse and Coastal Reserve

This hour scenic return walk covers a flat, sandy track frequently shaded by pandanas.

The ascent to the lighthouse is the final stage of the walk rising 20 steps to the top, with platforms along the way to catch your breath. At the top, leaving the shade of the walkway the headland opens to a spectacular view.

Fingal Head Lighthouse family friendly light house walk

The view looks directly out to sea at Cook Island, to the right is Dreamtime Beach and to the left is Leticia Spit, a fantastic swimming spot and popular with surfers.

While exploring the headland check out the operational Fingal Head Lighthouse and unique rock formations appearing at the base of the headland, these interesting crescent-shaped hexagonal columns, known as the ‘Giant’s Causeway’ are made of lava that cooled as it entered the ocean. If you have a child like mine, anything to do with lava is a crowd pleaser.

What’s Happening at Fingal Head Lighthouse and Coastal Reserve for Families

The Fingal Head Lighthouse walk has family friendly written all over it. From the gentle walk from the car park to the lighthouse, access to beautiful local beaches and an opportunity for family time in the great outdoors.

Fingal Head Lighthouse fingal head family walk

In addition to the walk, families can also:

  • Spot local bird species (Terns and Shearwaters love to nest at Cook Island off the coast)
  • Explore along the paths scattered across the top of the headland
  • Admire and learn the history of the lighthouse
  • Wildlife spot (on our visit we saw two enormous pods of dolphins frolicking in the waves and a sea turtle)
  • Explore Dreamtime Beach and Leticia Spit

 Helpful Tips for Families: Fingal Headland

  • Free parking
  • There is a tap/shower at the beginning of the walk to wash sandy toes
  • Two public restrooms are in close proximity; The corner of Prince Street and Marine Parade and Fingal Road, Boat ramp corner of Fingal Road and Main Road
  • As a parent of two ‘runners’ we are always accessing the danger points of a location. During our Fingal Head Lighthouse walk we had to be careful of the steep drop into the ocean, but concluded that midway to high up on the headland it’s quite safe for kids. There are patches of grass that the kids can potter around on and rocks a plenty to be collected.

Jenna Marrone headshotJenna Marrone is a blogger, reviewer of all things local and the all round cheery gal behind The Local Tourist Australia. She was able to develop her story telling skills at a young age to dodge sticky situations & through the countless apology letters for her practical joke mishaps. Her life orbits around supporting/promoting/blogging about amazing locally owned businesses throughout Australia; trying to wear her two young boys out, running her online beach cart business Seed & Swell and dreaming about her next meal.

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