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10 Fun Family Christmas Traditions to Start this Year

Did you know that many of your family Christmas traditions are likely to have originated many centuries ago?  It is said that the first person to bring a Christmas tree into the house happened to be a German preacher in the 16th century.  A traditional Christmas is one to be celebrated, but why not use the silly season to start some family Christmas traditions of your own?  Here are 10 ideas for family Christmas traditions to get you started:

Top 10 Family Christmas Traditions to start this year

1. Watch one special Christmas movie, every year

Choose a time during the festivities to sit down with your family and watch your favourite Christmas movie without interruption. You could try; Home Alone or Home Alone II, Elf, The Polar Express, A Christmas Story, or Miracle on 34th Street. The list goes on. We’ve got some great Christmas movie ideas here! 

 2. Visit your neighbours’ Christmas light displays

Gather the family, pack some snacks and go on an adventure to see your neighbours Christmas light decorations. Take your family expedition further afield, and travel to the best streets for Christmas light displays in your town or city. Out and about in Brisbane? Here’s where to go! 

 3. Put together a Christmas stocking for your pet

You can buy pre-made stocking sets for your pets at Christmastime, but it is far more fun to make your own. Take a family trip to the pet shop and choose some treats to put together for your furry, scaly or feathered friends.

4. Get into some family Christmas craft or baking

We love spending quality time getting a little crafty at Christmas! Why not make your own Christmas ornaments or a DIY Christmas snow globe? Another idea is to grab a pre-made gingerbread house from the shops (ALDI, Kmart, Woolies, etc) and have fun putting it together as a family. No easy feat in the hot Aussie summer but super fun. Plus you can eat all the leftover lolly decorations and icing as a reward for your efforts.

5. Wrap a tiny present in a big box

Each year, every family gives and receives at least one gift that is small, but wrapped in a big box. Will your loved ones guess which gift is the tiny one?

6. Bake cookies for Santa

Stop, collaborate and bake! Get together as a family and bake your favourite (Santa’s favourite) Christmas cookies. Gingerbread reindeers or festive shortbread would work just as well. We’ve got plenty of great baking ideas – here’s just one of them!

7. Leave a magic key out for Santa

Don’t have a chimney? No worries, leave a magic key out for Santa, so he can let himself in. Spray paint an oversized decorative key (not your actual house key, that would be silly!) in glitter or bright red, and hang it up outside on Christmas Eve. Discount stores also often sell keys for $2 or so around Christmas although we think making one is more fun.

8. Sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn on Christmas Eve

Make sure Santa’s reindeer know where to stop! Make reindeer food by mixing magic dust (bio-degradable glitter) with oats and sprinkle over your lawn on Christmas Eve. We’ve got a recipe here.

9. Elf yourselves

If you haven’t already, download the Elf Yourself app on your mobile device. You can create your family’s very own dancing elf song videos. The Elf Yourself digital phenomenon is just as funny today as it was when it all began in 2006.  Elf your family as a Christmas tradition.

10. Kris Kringle

Why buy lots of gifts for your extended family, when you can buy just one. Put family member’s names into a hat, and everyone picks out just one person to buy a gift for each Christmas. Make sure all family members are present to ensure your family Kris Kringle becomes an enjoyable tradition to share together.

The idea of a family Christmas tradition is to become an enjoyable, memorable time for everyone. The above suggestions will get you started, but you might think of something far better.

Bonus idea – 11. Boxing Day board games

The party is over, the presents are unwrapped. Take the slow road on Boxing Day and enjoy some time out by playing board games, regardless of the weather. Don’t forget to hit up the Boxing Day sales if you’re that way inclined! 

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