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Ear Nose and Throat Specialists In North Brisbane

Today a worried mum asked North Brisbane mums who they’d recommend to help her son. He’s had hearing and “ear” problems and she’s struggled to find a great ENT in North Brisbane. What I love most about mums’ chat groups is that everyone is willing to share their insight and knowledge.

Why ear nose and throat cause such a problems for kids

It seems that ear, nose and throat problems are causing a LOT of Brisbane mums concern. Ear issues are one of the most problematic health issues in children under six. It’s very common for fluid to build up in the ear canal behind the ear drum (which is very painful) and can cause the drum to burst and scar. This can lead to hearing, speech, sleep and sinus issues down the road. Ear infections often also present with fevers and general unhappiness.

When young children contract an upper respiratory infection (aka a cold) fluid from the cold can remain after the initial symptoms go away – leading to secondary ear infections. Because children have a limited immune system, colds, throat infections, tonsillitis and other gribblies hit them harder and more often.

By the age of six however, the Eustachian tube leading to the ears is mature and able to handle more… well… snot.  So for the first five or so years of a child’s life, ear, nose and throat issues are the most common concerns for parents.

North Brisbane Mums Vote: The Best ENT in North Brisbane is….

According to respondents in the mums’ group, North Brisbane’s most popular and trusted ENT is…

  • Dr Paul Canty
  • Suite 14, Level 2,
  • 956 Gympie Rd
  • Chermside

Dr Canty was recommended for his professionalism, for avoiding unnecessary surgeries and for helping patients who had difficulty with costs by offering both public and private hospital options. Dr Canty operates out of Holy Spirit and Lady Cilento.

Other highly recommended Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists in North Brisbane were:

Andrew Lomas

  • 3/113 Wickham Terrace,
  • Brisbane QLD 4000

David McCrystal

  • Level 2, Chermside Medical Complex
  • 956 Gympie Road Chermside 4032

These doctors also had multiple recommendations from local mums.  Finding the right specialist is not just about expertise and qualifications, it’s about making both mum and child feel confident.  These specialists have impressed Brisbane mums and kids enough to attract glowing recommendations in parenting groups.  

Do you have a recommendation for an amazing Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist in North Brisbane? We’d love to share your ENT Surgeon’s story with our readers. Tell us all about it below!

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