DIY Star Ornament | Easy Crafts for Small Hands

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I love easy crafts for small hands to do, and these star ornaments is one of my favourite toddler Christmas activities – although the big kids love it too! It’s super-simple and often only needs materials you already have on hand anyway.

You Will Need:

  • paper
  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • beads

How To:

DIY Star Ornament

Trace the size and shape of the stars you want onto some scrap cardboard.

DIY Star Ornament

Continue for the amount of stars required.

DIY Star Ornament

Using some sticky tape, secure one end of the yarn onto the cardboard star.

DIY Star Ornament DIY Star Ornament

Wind the yarn around all of the star until filled. The tips of the stars can be very tricky so you can either leave them out (like my kids did), or hot-glue the yarn to the edges to stop it moving and falling off.

DIY Star Ornament Featured Image, child holding star ornament final product

As your star gets fuller you can add a small bead to the yarn as you wind it around.

DIY Star Ornament

I chose white and gold for mine, because I thought it looked pretty and I had a lot of white yarn to use up. It’s also a great idea to turn 15 or 20 of these into beautiful bunting to hang in your home for the holidays.

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