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Dan TDM on Tour in Australia – The Inside Scoop!

DanTDM coming to Australia in August 2017

“Hey everyone! Dan here, from the Diamond Minecart”… if you’ve got a Minecraft loving kid, chances are you’ve heard that phrase 4 billion times.  There are a lot of Minecraft video stars but only Dan from The Diamond Minecart is politely spoken, hilarious and G rated – as sixteen millions subscribers can attest.  If YouTube stars are the new “rock stars” Dan TDM on tour in Australia is equivalent to the Beatles hitting our shores.  So, here’s what you need to know about buying Dan TDM tickets for the Australian tour.

DanTDM VIP Tickets - What do you get?

What to expect seeing Dan TDM live in Brisbane

This will be Dan Middleton’s second Australian tour.  He played Sydney Opera House in January and Families Magazine was there, front row centre and then in the VIP area after.  Here’s our top tips for getting the most out of the Dan TDM show.

When will Dan TDM be in Brisbane?

DanTDM will be in Brisbane on Thursday 28th September, 2017.

Where will Dan TDM’s show be in Brisbane?

Dan’s show will be in the Great Hall, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

DanTDM on Stage in Australia 2017

Diamond Minecart Tickets

There are two kinds of tickets – the show tickets and the VIP tickets.  Both types sell fast.  Be ready.  The Sydney Opera House is a bigger venue than the Exhibition Centre and it sold out in no time.  Dan’s USA tour sold out across the whole country in no time, don’t kid yourself, these are some of the hottest tickets of 2017.

Official Ticket Prices

  • $79 A Reserve
  • $69 B Reserve
  • $59 C Reserve
  • $39 D Reserve

$125 Diamond Minecart Upgrade VIP Package – Does not include ticket to the show. Can be purchased with any priced show ticket. Parents/carers can take photos but can’t actually sit with Dan (and he’s cute so some parents might be tempted!)

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TDM on Tour Show

DanTDM Show Brisbane

Dan’s joined by a sidekick in the one hour show about his life.  The show features clips all the DanTDM favourites including Trayaurus, The Pugs and Mrs TDM Jemma Middleton.  While parents might find the show a bit… naff… it’s a massive hit with the kids.  So, the specifics?  Well, Dan made the whole audience promise never to share specific details of the show.  Let’s say it’s a “Good Vs Evil” theme, with a little science content, a little audience participation and some slightly disturbing pugs!

Should you buy Dan TDM VIP tickets?

DanTDM Meet and Greet Tickets On Sale in Brisbane

This is a big question.  At $125 (+ show ticket) a pop, these puppies are not for the casual fan (or the big family!) Is it worth it?  In Sydney we were taken in groups of 20 to a VIP area where you collect your free merchandise pack (t-shirts, posters etc) and then directed to wait and watch the group before you.  The kids line up, stricken with rockstar awe for their 1 minute chat with Dan.  It’s seriously, one question and then time for a photo.  He was very kind to the kids and seemed authentically engaged – it wasn’t your typical autograph signing.  After a few pics, you’re ushered out, and the whole experience is over in a few minutes.  Professional photos are available a few days later for free. Is it worth the money?  Hmmmmm.  For my son, it’s still listed as the greatest day of his life – so, for us, yes!  I recommend it only for DIE HARD Dan fans!

Tips for the big day

  • If you’re thinking of getting merchandise, do it early!  The tour shirts sold out in minutes, leaving only “teen” sized options.
  • Yes, you are required to spray your child’s hair blue.  Every second kid has blue hair on the day.
  • There are quite a few opportunities to get up on stage or have Dan come down to your seat – it’s worth getting in early for good seats.  The kids who were called up on stage or tasked with a job in the show nearly exploded with happiness.Dan TDM live in Australia
  • Star struck doesn’t begin to describe the kids at the meet and greet.  Prep your child with a question to ask Dan… or they’ll be kicking themselves for months afterwards!  TRUST ME, the list of things my son wishes he’d told Dan grows every day.

Why mums love Dan Middleton

Dan TDM with Wife Jemma Middleton

  • Dan’s videos are very kid friendly.  He is devoted to his wife, they include his dad and his pet dogs.  He’s very “vanilla” unlike a lot of Youtube influencers who swear and introduce “adult themes” to their videos.
  • He and his long term girlfriend were married young and post cutesy videos together.  Jemma suffers from the autoimmune disease Crohn’s – Dan is her biggest supporter and helper.
  • He made this very sweet video about her.  This will make you wish you’d married him.
  • He’s been making YouTube videos for most of his young life.  Originally, he was a “Pokemon unboxer”.  Any parent who’s been subjected to unboxing videos will grit their teeth right now.  Luckily he’s moved on to “telling game play stories” which inspire kids to take an interest in coding
  • He averages 14000 new subscribers a day – you are not alone.
  • He is vocal about support of kids with Autism and makes a special effort to engage at meets and greets

Dan TDM with kids with autism

Tickets go on sale in 20th July 2017 and the show is scheduled for the September school holidays.  To get your hands on some tickets, sign up here: http://www.dantdmtourinoz.com.au/

The big question:  Are you getting tickets?


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  1. Rhiannon Phillips says:

    Some great tips here, my son has ASD and we are beginning to prepare him for the crowds at dans September show in Melbourne Australia. We are trying to find out where we can get updates of any future tours Dan may do in Australia? Cheers Rhiannon

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