Gold Coast Secondary School Results | OP scores in Grade 12

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If you are interested in find out about Gold Coast grade 12 results based on secondary school OP results, then we’ve got the most up to date information right here.

Gold Coast Secondary School Results using OP data

Secondary school ranking for the Gold Coast in 2019 is now available using OP results eg Grade 12 results gained in 2018.  The rankings for Gold Coast schools are extracted from Grade 12 results – Op results and IB results.

Of course, pure academic results don’t tell the whole story about what makes a secondary school great.  Kids get so much more from school than simple academics, so if your school of choice isn’t at the top of the leaderboard for these results, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great place to send your child. These are the stats for you to draw your own conclusions.

This secondary school OP results table is a guide for parents but it’s NOT the be all and end all of choosing the right school for your child. They were drawn from the Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority.

Best Secondary School Academic Results on the Gold Coast

The following list is the Top 20 schools that received the highest percentage of grade 12 results – that is OP scores 1-5 from their cohort.

  1. Queensland Academy for Health Science, Southport
  2. Somerset College, Mudgeeraba
  3. Southport State High School, Southport
  4. Emmanuel College, Carrara
  5. Coomera Anglican College, Coomera
  6. All Saints Anglican School, Merrimac
  7. Tamborine Mountain State High School
  8. Livingstone Christian College, Ormeau
  9. Trinity Lutheran College, Ashmore
  10. St Stephen’s College, Coomera
  11. A B Patterson College, Arundel
  12. The Southport School, Southport
  13. St Hilda’s School, Southport
  14. Varsity College, Varsity Lakes
  15. Miami State High School, Miami
  16. Benowa State High School, Benowa
  17. St Andrew’s Lutheran College, Tallebudgera
  18. Helensvale State High School, Helensvale
  19. King’s Christian College, Reedy Creek
  20. Robina State High School, Robina
Remember, this league table is only based on the % of students who recieved a OP Score of 1-5. Any league table based on any single outcome measure tells very little about the effectiveness of a school program or what students really get out of their 13 years at school. Such lists fail to recognise that a good education is more than just preparation for exams. Schools design their curriculum to meet the particular needs of their students and help them to reach their potential.
This table does not take into account the other ranges of OP scores – to see a larger sample with the range of OP Scores 1-15 (as well as all the IB results) read the rest of the article and then click here.
To find out more abut local Gold Coast schools and read beyond their academic results, click here.

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How to apply for a scholarship – and get it!

How to apply for a scholarship – and get it!

A scholarship is

…a competitive process (meaning that the number of students vying for a place is higher than the number of available positions) wherein students must demonstrate some kind of merit. Your child may excel in a particular field, like academics or sport, or may do very well on an entrance exam.

A bursary is

…a non-competitive process that is usually based on financial need but sometimes can come into play when distance is taken into account. Bursaries mean that the school is able to provide education for a wider student body and award equal opportunities to community members. Find out more here.

What is the International Baccalaureate?

The International Baccalaureate is a Global Approach to Education.

In our rapidly changing the world, the education choices we make for our children have never been so important. We want to make sure our children have a strong academic footing, but are also fully equipped to be successful in all life’s endeavours.

It can be a minefield trying to sort through all the schools and determine which curricula and programs will give our children the support they need to achieve their potential.

Over the past few years, curricula in Queensland have become more standardised as schools progressively implement the core subjects of the Australian Curriculum. But did you know there is a curriculum alternative?

Several schools across the Gold Coast are now offering the International Baccalaureate as a way of teaching the Australian Curriculum in a more global context. Find out more here.

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