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Communify Childcare: a Multi-Age Boutique Childcare Service

As we settle into the new year, place-based community services organisation Communify is seeking enrolments for their childcare facility located at 180 Jubilee Terrace, Bardon. Their long day care centre specialises in multi-age education, making it an affordable, local option for families considering early childhood services.

Communify childcare

Aligning with their overarching ethos, Communify’s childcare service fosters a nurturing, caring environment for all children and their families. Communify recognises play as the natural way to learn as this is how children make sense of their world. The childcare centre is rated as “Exceeding” by the Queensland Government and operates 48 weeks of the year.

2024 is already off to an exciting start with the appointment of Annette West as the new Director of Childcare. Annette brings a wealth of specialist experience and expertise in multi-age childcare, leading childcare centres in a variety of settings with her kind and nurturing disposition.

Communify Director of Childcare

In a recent interview she shared:

“I’m really passionate about multi-age childcare in particular. Multi-age boutiques provide a unique setting for children and families to connect. They afford children the benefit of learning from other age groups as well as their peers. Children can also attend the care centre with their siblings, where they can play and learn together. The multi-age childcare approach really is very important for children’s social skills and language development.

Another aspect of Communify’s childcare centre that I love is the covered outdoor play area with its beautiful view of urban greenery, which is ideal for our warm Brisbane climate! Children get to enjoy fine weather while remaining sun-safe, and I love how the natural light streams through the outdoor space into the indoor space. I really feel that I’ve come full circle by arriving here at this role in Communify.”

Communify childcare

The Communify childcare centre leads with the philosophy that children are capable and socially competent learners. With the input of families and teachers, they have developed a program that focuses on children’s strengths and interests. Operating as a non-for-profit, any funds generated by Communify’s services are injected straight back into their programs so that the organisation can continue to support the local community.

If you are still looking for an early learning facility that nurtures and empowers your child to grow, enrol your child with Communify today. Click here to read more and register your interest. Limited places are available in 2024.

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