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Circus Themed Parties for Kids

The excitement of the circus is not only found in the act of watching, but in the act of doing!

Circus parties and circus themed parties will certainly get the kids talking, and moving! Here you will find some of the best circus party ideas for the youngest littlies right through to those hard to please teens. Remember, you can never be too young or too old to join the circus…

Take your party kids to the circus!

If you’re lucky enough to live in Brisbane than you may have experienced some of the many circus groups or lessons on offer for kids- but did you know that some of these venues host children’s parties too?

At Flipside you can look forward to 2 hours of circus activities in a workshop that would even make Shirley Temple green with envy! Parents provide the catering, cakes and party bags while the expert staff take care of the entertainment. The party guests at a Flipside event can look forward to donning a fantastical costume and learning the fine arts of hula hooping, juggling, trampolining and trapeze swinging! With a staff to child ratio of 1:7 you can relax into the party atmosphere, making sure the children are fed and hydrated, while Flipside takes care of the rest. Read our review of Flipside Circus and watch our video here.

Circus Themed Parties

Circus Arts in Brisbane also hosts children’s parties for children 5 years and older, with 1.5 hour trapeze workshops on offer for the enjoyment of all partygoers. For either event, book in asap as spots fill up fast.

Bring the circus home to the kids!

If you would prefer to bring the circus home Brisbane has a few host choices on offer. Kids will be thoroughly schooled in the art of fun during their party session and will most certainly be practising the tricks they learn for months to come.

Amazing Kids Parties offers a few workshop and themed party ideas including a concentrated juggling workshop where the kids can make their own juggling balls AND learn how to use them. There is also an all-rounder workshop which allows the littlies to try out a range of circus tricks under the carefully choreographed guidance of instructors.

Super Party Heroes also host kid’s circus themed parties with an exclusive focus on the ultra-energetic younger 4-7 age bracket. The host will show the little ones how to juggle, tightrope balance, stilt-walk and provide all those traditional party games too. Add a little face painting alongside some ultra-funky music and the kiddies will be ready to start their own circus inspired show right there in the backyard!

Kids home circus themes on a budget

Creating a circus themed party doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Remember that the embodiment of the circus is colour, music, games and quirky costumes- so why not ask the guests to dress up? All you will need is some stripes, some spots and some bold colours; mix it all together and you are ready to go! Host your party at home or at the park. The climbing frames can act as the perfect performance space and swings are even more fun with a bunch of colourful friends.

Create a cake with red and white stripes to resemble the big top and line it with candles, or bake a set of cupcakes topped with funny clown faces. Put an unusual spin on traditional games, for example freeze when the music stops can turn into freeze the hula hoop; I’m sure the kids will appreciate how hilarious this can be. When it comes to a do it yourself themed party for kids, the only limit is your imagination (and when it comes to circus themes, the crazier the better).

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