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Christmas Lights Toowoomba 2023: Lists & Route Maps

Easily the BEST Christmas Lights Toowoomba has to offer – a fantastic list of streets in order so you can navigate your way from street to street by map or by the list. We’ve helpfully laid out the best Xmas lights to look at around Toowoomba in route order so pack the kids in the car, start at the closest ones to your house and only drive as far or for as long as you want to.

Make the most of your after dark Xmas light looking this year.

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Toowoomba Christmas lights map

See the printed route map below for Toowoomba Christmas lights

Here is a printable map listing the best Christmas lights in Toowoomba. Click on the image of the map below to be taken to a downloadable PDF version of Christmas lights driving map for Toowoomba.

List of best Christmas lights in and around Toowoomba area

Key for symbols:

🏆 – winner of local Christmas lights competition

🎄 – worth a look – this house is something special

📷 – there is a photo of this display on our digital map

⭐️ – multiple houses are in the street

🚗 – bit of a drive (depending on where you live)

If you see a purple star on our digital map, that means the address is a late addition to the digital map and it was received too late to show on our printed map.

  • 59 Warwick Street, Harristown
  • 254 Long Street, South Toowoomba
  • 13 View Street South Toowoomba
  • 22 Wentworth Street, Centenary Heights
  • 154 Ramsay Street, Centenary Heights
  • 8 Grant Close, Middle Ridge
  • 6 Wood Drive, Middle Ridge
  • 📷 4 & 6 Woodlands Close, Middle Ridge
  • 22 Kurtz Street, Kearneys Spring
  • 16 Fay Court, Kearneys Spring
  • 63 & 65 Hoepper Street, Kearney Springs
  • 15 Rachel Street Darling Heights
  • 57 Gipps Street, Drayton
  • 3 Dumba Street, Harristown
  • 42 Wareena Crescent, Glenvale
  • 14 Taragon Street, Glenvale
  • 38 Melway Crescent, Harristown
  • 6 Wilga Court, Newtown
  • 45 Blue Gum Drive, Newtown
  • 45 Brigalow Street, Newtown
  • 26 Honeysuckle Drive, Glenvale
  • 🚗 8 Sandford Crescent, Torrington
  • 24 Basset Crescent, Torrington
  • 🚗 22 Glen Avon Court, Glenvale
  • 14 Dalrello Court, Glenvale
  • 3 Wellcamp Street Newtown
  • 15A Dalmeny Street, Wilsonton
  • 3/4 McGregor Street, Wilsonton
  • 1 Ellis Street Wilsonton
  • 📷 4 Vann Street, Wilsonton
  • 📷 180 McDougall Street, Wilsonton
  • 12 Batten Court, Wilsonton
  • 3 Ansett Court, Wilsonton
  • 2 Bonney Street Wilsonton
  • 65 Fitzpatrick Street Wilsonton
  • 10 Melita Crescent Wilsonton Heights
  • 12 Hardy Court, Wilsonton Heights
  • 25 McCafferty Street Wilsonton
  • 4 Cullen Court Rockville
  • 19 Whichello Street, Newtown
  • 29 Christmas Street, North Toowoomba
  • 16 Waverley Street, North Toowoomba
  • 12 Delacey Street, North Toowoomba
  • 33 Martini Street, Mount Lofty

Not in Toowoomba? Check out Brisbane Christmas lights here. Wondering where to have Christmas lunch this year? We know that too! Click here. And if you are looking for more things to do in Toowoomba check out our huge round up here.

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  1. I love the fact that a list has been compiled. There is a beautiful display at 19 Ridge wood drive & Nielsen Street.Plus others in that street and nearby.


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