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Christmas Lights Brisbane North 2018 | Families Magazine Guide

christmas lights brisbane north

Christmas Lights Brisbane North? Right this way! We’ve got a list of all the best places to head to AND we’ve got a downloadable map as well.

Christmas Lights Brisbane North

North of the river REALLY turns it on come December. There are a huge amount of award-winning houses, culdesacs and entire neighbourhoods dedicated to spreading Christmas cheer throughout the land. Welcome to Christmas Lights – North Brisbane style!

Christmas Lights Etiquette

It’s important to know that the people who put effort into these displays do so for (typically) no financial gain. They do it out of the pure love of seeing children’s faces light up in wonder.

It’s vital that we treat their displays, property and hard work with the respect they deserve. That means:

  • Never park over someone’s driveway or on their property. If you can’t find a safe park close to the lights, park further away and walk. You are not the only people who want to see the lights and you never have the right to block access to someone’s property.
  • Do not touch, damage or alter displays.
  • Do not leave any rubbish.
  • Do not take anything with you.
  • Be mindful of where your children are at all times and speak to them about safety in crowds and around roads.
  • Respect the right to privacy that these people have. Do not peer into their windows or sneak into their back gardens. Sounds like a strange thing to have to say but, if you’re a Christmas Lights Person, you’ll know exactly what we mean! No one likes a Christmas Creeper!

Where are the Christmas Lights North Brisbane in 2018?

Here’s our list of where the lights can be found. Make sure you download our map for the best driving directions.

2018 lights North Suburbs R3

Albany Creek

10 Longreef Court
16 Kosta Place
2 Narrabeen Road
The boulevard



123 Dorrington Drive
30 High Street


115 Horn Road
54 Kildonan Street
835 Zillmere Road

Bald Hills

14 Paladin Place (below)

14 Paladin Place - Bald Hills Christmas Lights

Arnica Crescent , Bald Hills – 2 homes in this street (below)


24 Ellamark St
29 Hilltop Place
4 Huron Street (below)

Huron Street Banyo Christmas Lights Brisbane
81 Froude Street

Bracken Ridge

28 Gawain Rd
72 Gawain Rd

Wintergreen Close (below)

Bray Park

122 Sparkes Road
Brooks Road

Bridgeman Downs

Myall Place

Chermside West

12 Whittaker Street
146 Maundrell Terrace
34 Ashley Road


Church at 116 Board St (below)

Best Christmas Lights - Church in Deagon — in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Eatons Hill

60 Drapers Road
37 Hidden Valley Drv


1/123 Samford Road

Everton Hills

17 Bowers Road South

Ferny Hills

2 Arilpa Crescent

Fortitude Valley

3 Montpellier Road


46 Bliss Street


48 Daisy Street


40 Rebecca Crescent


24 Jarrah Street


20 Evergreen Place
62 Sinatra Crescent


168 Fernberg Road


27 Minimine Street


9 Jasmin Street

Upper Kedron

1 Kingfisher Drive
29 ParksEdge Street


40 Raleigh Rd


10 Mondial drive
25 Lido Circuit
40 Oakwood Road
Carlingford Circuit
Patrone Crt

Wavell Heights

36 Sugarloaf St


31 Torrold Street

2018 Christmas Lights North Brisbane Map

Take advantage of our DOWNLOADABLE MAP and visit the Christmas Lights not just in your region but in the greater Brisbane region! There are SO many opportunities to embrace the community spirit. See you out there!

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