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Chooze Shoes, leggings and back-packs | Review

Finding shoes that fit, don’t wear out before we grow out of them and that can be located 5 minutes before we run out the door to kindy/ school/ sport is impossible. Only two of those things are the fault of the shoes. Chooze Shoes kindly let my fashion blind and reckless family road test their shoes, leggings and backpacks to see if we could continue our reign of terror with their products. We could.

Chooze Shoes: quirky footwear with a quality sole/ soul

Chooze Shoes

Chooze Shoes take funky designs and mismatch them slightly to deliver quirky styles which are actually quite helpful when teaching left from right. My middle child is always in a rush but the slip on loafer style meant he could actually get his shoes on himself: Miracle Shoes.

We are committed to really road testing products so i can confidently tell you that after two months of thrashing these shoes the elastic is still going strong and the base hasn’t peeled back from the fabric. The grip on the sole is great for stability and could be easily cleaned when they came home caked with mud after an ‘encounter’ with a rogue puddle.

The shoes are made with vegan materials so whatever your ethical persuasion, your child’s feet should be very pleased with themselves.

Chooze Leggings: stylish mini activewear with room to grow

Chooze Shoes and leggings

Chooze Leggings in Assemble Magenta (a funky pink triangle design) met all the criteria for mother (me) and daughter (recipient): full coverage, good design, comfortable fabric, enough leg length to grow into. They are versatile enough to wear as day wear, active wear, to dance, home from school, on the weekend and then I finally clued on to the fact we hadn’t washed them for a while and I had to negotiate with my daughter regarding the number of wears to wash ratio (3 wears then wash). I guess I can argue they teach kids maths too!

It’s bitterly unfair that Chooze Leggings are not available in adult sizes. I wasn’t sure how my daughter would receive the mismatched leg style but she embraced it immediately which made sense given her mismatched fashion sense overall. Sometimes my children can get very rigid in their outfit choices so I felt these tights loosened her up and added some whimsy.

Chooze Backpacks: reversible accessories for school or runaways

Chooze Shoes and leggings and backpacks

There is nothing more adorable in my mind than my youngest carrying his oversized backpack with the confidence of bank CEO. Our Chooze Backpack (Navigate) came in the large size out of necessity- he wants a big bag like his siblings and if he tantrums too much in the morning we can always zip him into the middle compartment and drop him at daycare regardless. The fantastic reversible design has a roomy middle compartment which is accessible from both sides (so you can flip the straps either way). Each side has a front pocket with a different space themed design and in that pocket is another small zippered pouch- a babushka of convenience!

Finding durable school bags with enough compartments to separate the clean clothes from the soiled clothes, the leaking water bottle from the lunchbox and somehow keep all my overdue paperwork protected is as hard as finding a working pen in our house! The Chooze backpack is lightweight and made from a water resistant material (science!). The compartments are well sized and the reversible design is genius. I love the compact design which expands effortlessly as I now have room to stuff the sheets/ lunch bags/ waterbottles/ hats/ shoes and any other flotsam I gather as I scurry the last child home. The chunky zip tag with the Chooze logo makes it easy for chunky fingers to open and close the bag.

Invest in quality kids with quality kids gear from Chooze Shoes

I’m often torn between the initial sting of investing in quality gear for the kids and the frustration of watching crap fall apart. Our month with Chooze Shoes/ Leggings/ Backpacks has demonstrated the enduring value of well constructed kids gear. I’m a fan of thoughtful fun design and the creators of Chooze Shoes obviously understand how kids work and what parents need. Browse the range here

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