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Cedar Glen Farmstay – A Fantastic Holiday For Families

A farm stay experience is one that your family will never forget. We visited Cedar Glen Farmstay, just outside of Beaudesert, and were incredibly impressed with what we found!

Cedar Glen Farmstay – Where You’ll Lay Your Hat

cedar glen farmstay fireplace

Located roughly a half hour drive outside of the township of Beaudesert, Cedar Glen Farmstay is a historic working farm dating back over one hundred years. It has always been the property of the Stephens family and they remain, proudly carrying on family traditions.

cedar glen dairy

There are four historic cottages that your family can choose to stay in. The largest, Cedar Glen Homestead, was the original building on the property. The others were historic cottages that were saved from bulldozers in other areas and brought to Cedar Glen Farmstay for a new lease on life.

All cottages are generously appointed with the largest being able to comfortably sleep 12 guests. The smaller three – Wallaby, Dairy (pictured above) and Stinson – have working kitchen facilities should you choose to bring your own food. However, we would definitely recommend choosing the catered meals package (more on that later) so you can have a proper holiday and avoid the hassles of cooking and cleaning!

The cottages are safe and secure with traditional high ceilings, a variety of bed types and working fireplaces! There are heaters that might assist on those achingly cold mornings that let you know you’re alive. Waking up to bird calls and cheery sun rays peeping in the curtain instead of noisy traffic and alarm clocks is an experience in and of itself! Showers, baths, televisions and comfy couches all provide creature comforts but the best place to be is on your verandah, cup of tea in hand, surveying the property.

cedar glen verandah

In front of Cedar Glen Homestead is a sandpit and some play equipment that anyone can use.

cedar glen farmstay sandpit

There is a tennis court on site with free use of racquets and balls.

cedar glen farmstay tennis

You can park your car right outside each of the cottages making luggage (and child) transfer easy or you can leave your vehicle in the communal car park. Nothing is a bother and everything is straight-forward and accounted for at Cedar Glen. It’s a fabulous QLD school holiday idea that anyone can do!

Helping Out On The Farm

cedar glen farmstay chickens

There are twice daily animal feedings (approximately 8am and 330pm but there aren’t alarm clocks on the farm!). You’ll journey with one of the staff to feed the chickens, ducks and geese and collect eggs.

cedar glen farmstay sheep

You’ll wrangle the rambunctious sheep and lambs to their feeding area and then round them back up again.

cedar glen farmstay pigs

A couple of hungry pigs will require your attention…

cedar glen farmstay milking

And then it’s off to make sure the cows are milked. This was a wonderful experience for all of the children who were involved – they are given responsibility and trust and they know it’s up to them to get the job done! Working with animals is a real confidence builder but it also is wonderful for teaching the virtues of gentleness and patience – something that lots of city kids need a bit of help with!

cedar glen farmstay cat

There’s even a friendly farm cat, Hillary, to play with!

Riding Horses at Cedar Glen Farmstay

There are lots of horses on the property. You can interact with them during the day but in the mornings you’re going to have the opportunity to go on horse rides. The rides you choose will depend on confidence and ability.

  • Short led pony rides on Jessie P (resident old lady at 24 years old!)
cedar glen farmstay pony
  • 20 minute rides around the property
  • 1 hour rides into the bush that include river crossings
cedar glen farmstay ezra riding

Participation in any of the activities (including riding horses but not including animal feeding) will see a small cost accrued on your invoice upon leaving. Riding the horses is very much recommended. You’re led through with expert staff, safe equipment and the animals are all very sweet and gentle.

Other activities at Cedar Glen Farmstay

There are other things to do here as well. You’d be surprised by how quick your day disappears! You can opt into any of the activities by writing what you’d like to do on a chalkboard the day before.

  • Twilight Tour – Ride a 4WD up onto the ranges to gaze down into the Lost World area. Glass of bubbly or orange juice provided.
  • Boomerangs and Whip-Cracking – Get the real bush experience!

Food at Cedar Glen Farmstay

cedar glen farmstay food

As was previously mentioned, you are welcome to provide your own food. However, the catered meal packages are a fantastic and easy choice. You’ll get a full breakfast with cereal, hot food, toast with spreads and tea and coffee. Dinners are gorgeous fares with vegetables, fresh bread and locally sourced meats (vegetarians are catered for, don’t worry!).

cedar glen farmstay trailer

The best part, however, are the lunches. You’ll be taken on board a long 4WD with a trailer at the back where the children can sit. (Talk about old-school!) You’ll bump down a track (listening to the excited squeals coming from behind you) to one of two gorgeous spots on the river.

Sandwiches, drinks, pastries and cakes are provided and then you’ll use a fire to make delicious hot billy tea before packing up to head back to the homestead.

The people

cedar glen farmstay katie and ezra

The best thing about Cedar Glen Farmstay was the people. Not only will you get the opportunity to mix and mingle with people from all over the world but you’ll spend time with the most wonderful staff you will ever have the opportunity to meet.

When we were there, nothing was too much trouble. The wonderful chef let an enthusiastic four-year-old talk her ear off while she probably had lots of work to do (but didn’t show it). The divine women who led our group through activities, lunches, horse riding and animal feedings were endlessly kind and positive with nothing but time for the kids they interacted with.

The young daughter of the farmer spent time with the kids when she got home from school by telling them the different things she knew about the animals and showing them how to safely catch the chickens. Our time spent with the owner was limited (as he was incredibly busy, as all farmers are!) but even in our brief interactions he was welcoming, gentlemanly and giving. The tears that the four-year-old shed upon departure were heart-breaking as he didn’t want to leave his precious Farmer Katie behind.

Cedar Glen Farmstay for Families

When you’re driving between Beaudesert and the farm, watch out for these friendly faces on your journey! Great opportunity to stop and get a photo. There’s also a fabulous playground in Beaudesert if you need to really burn off some energy before bundling into the car for the trip home.

Would we recommend Cedar Glen? Wholeheartedly. This is the whole experience. It brought us closer together while allowing the younger kids to have more freedom than they’re accustomed to living in the city. Farm stays teach a lot of skills and values like patience, hard-work, compassion and resilience. They’re fabulous for kids of all ages but particularly the kindy and pre-school set (you can find out more about why right here).

Farm stays are our new favourite type of holiday. And best of all? They won’t ask for the i-pad once!

Find out more about Cedar Glen Farmstay here. 

What’s your favourite holiday for kids? Let us know in the comments!

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