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REVIEW: Caveman Kitchen | Home Delivered Prepared Meals

Over the last two weeks we trialled Caveman Kitchen home delivered prepared meals to determine their suitability for families.

Please note: We are not being paid to write this review. The food was free, but the opinions expressed in this article are our own and genuine.

Caveman Kitchen – real food, fresh delivered!

Caveman Kitchen is real food, delivered fresh to your door. You are not required to follow a recipe and construct the meal. You simply heat and serve. All the meals are gluten free, preservative free (which means none of those nasty e-numbers) and have no added sugars.

The meals are created in conjunction with Brisbane based nutritionist, Stacey Harris of The Chief Life, and have the Chief tick of approval. Some of the meals are even dairy free! They are fresh – not frozen, but you can freeze them if you need to once you get them!

Caveman Kitchen use fresh, high quality ingredients, sourced locally because they like to support our Aussie farmers. There are over 50 meals to choose from, on a rotating schedule, created by their caveman chefs.

How to order Caveman Kitchen

Ok – let’s get straight to the ‘how to’…it’s super simple, which is awesome, because… #timepoor. Here are the steps:

1. Pick your pack

Caveman Kitchen offer a variety of ‘packs’ letting you choose the number of prepared meals that arrive to your door. Because they recognise that each customer has varied needs they let you choose a pack that suits your/your family’s lifestyle. Whether it’s a standard sized lunch pack every week, a once off dinner selection, or a month long athlete sized appetite – they’ve got you covered!

2. Choose your meals

With over 50 meals on the always growing menu, you’ll never be stuck for variety! You’ll find 10 meals available each week on your rotating menu, packed full of flavour, health, and deliciousness!

3. Add your details

Add your delivery address and give them your meal preferences to keep on file. That way if you ever forget to choose your meals, they’ll send you your previously selected favourites

4. Enjoy

Caveman Kitchen

Sit back and eagerly await your delivery of fresh, healthy meals to your door next week!

Our meals and experience

We are a busy family of two adults and one 10 year old. We had a range of meals delivered over a two week period to get a good ‘feel’ (and taste) for the range. As I said above, all the meals are delivered fresh and premade. You just open the box and pop the meals in the fridge. I work from home, so I enjoyed the healthy lunches that took 2 minutes in the microwave at 12.30pm. I found that by eating a good sized lunch, I wasnt grabbing for my chocolate stash as I dashed out the door for school pick up. #winning

Caveman Kitchen

Master 10 has Taekwondo 2 nights a week and if I am not carefully prepared, his evening meals on those nights are less than ‘healthy’. If you follow us on Facebook, you would have seen my post about it here.

We also have an 18 year old demi pair who took meals to her language school and a 22 year old Uni student (staff member) who tried the meals. They both were impressed with the freshness and healthy options. (Pesky millennials and their health conscious tendancies…)

Collectively we added our feedback – here’s what we thought:


Caveman Kitchen

True to their claim, the ingredients list on the label read exactly like something I would make at home with real, fresh ingredients. These guys have a paleo/keto bend so you can order diary free, gluten free, nut free, low carb, Paleo friendly and more … they’ve catered for everyone! You can check out their range here.


Caveman Kitchen

This is a really difficult item to review as everyone’s tastes are different! I found all of the meals to be true to their ingredients in that they tasted like something I would cook… not bland, and not too spicy (if spice was used). I will be honest and say not all the meals were to our ‘taste’. But some were absolutely delicious and I would definitely order them again. My favourite was 100% definitely the Chicken, Pesto and Haloumi Stack. I would go as far as saying it was one of the best meals I have ever had… not just one of the best prepared meals, but close to one of the best meals of any type! (Except for a salmon meal I had in a restaurant in Coffs Harbour in my 20’s… that still remains the stand-out number one best meal ever… I digress…)

I would suggest going through their menu and choosing the ones that look good to you. Our other favourites were the Lamb Moussaka, the BBQ Pork Ribs and the Savoury Mince. A special mention to the Meatloaf too… Master 10 was a fan!

Variety of meals:

Caveman Kitchen

We trialled about 15 different meals. As I said above, not all were to our taste (err… kale, soz, no!), but all had good quality ingredients, were fresh and the combinations of flavours were interesting. These guys currently offer over 50 meals on their menu, so you are bound to find a selection that would suit you and your family/kids.

You have 10 meals available to you each week, (you need to choose a minimum of 5 meals each week) on a rotating schedule, and you can choose any combination you like!

Family friendly-ness of the meals:

This is the stand out success for this service for our family. The ease of use for us as a busy family with sports commitments, two different schools and feeding Uni students too meant that we can keep our schedules and still eat well! As a parent (and boss) I want to ensure that my kids have good quality, healthy food but I also love the convenient nature of Caveman Kitchen. I can feel a little bit less guilty that even though I didn’t shop for it and cook it, it is still nutritious, and the variety means that there is something on the menu that suits all of the different tastes in our home. Not all of the meals will suit everyone, so as I said, take a look at their menu and check out the ones that will suit you!

Discount code for Caveman Kitchen

So, if you would like to give Caveman Kitchen a try, then use our discount code: REALFOOD25. This just needs to be applied at the checkout to receive $25 off your first order of Caveman Kitchen.

And TRUST ME on the chicken and haloumi… click here to check out their range and grab yourself a discounted introductory bargain!

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