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Is a Brisbane Demi Pair Right For You?

How to Find a Brisbane Demi Pair

A few years ago, we were introduced into the world of the Brisbane Demi Pair. Hosting a Brisbane Demi Pair is a wonderful opportunity to have an additional pair of hands in your own home to help with the children and the running of your household. But is hosting a Brisbane Demi Pair right for you?

What is a Demi Pair?

Brisbane Demi Pair
Swimming Fun!
Fabienne – Switzerland

A Demi Pair is a (usually) young, (usually) girl from (usually) another country. I say ‘usually’ because their are variations to every situation, but ‘usually’ Demi Pairs are young females from other country who have come to Australia to learn English. Usually Demi Pairs are between 18 – 20 years old. Sometimes they are a little older. Usually they arrange for their English language course and then start to look for a ‘host family’. Sometimes the school that they have signed up to will find them a host family. And sometimes they do not study at all, but are happy to stay in a host family situation for the cultural and language opportunities.

What does a Demi Pair do?

Brisbane Demi Pair
Gardening with Julia – Germany

A Demi Pair usually lives in your home (you are the ‘host family’) full time and usually goes to school to learn English. If they do not go to school, they often look for additional paid work on top of the 15 – 20 hours that they do for their host family. The chores that they will do for their family will depend on what the family needs but tend to centre around helping to look after and entertain the children and helping with housework & chores (ours often help in the garden!)

What doesn’t a Demi Pair do?

A Demi Pair is not a full time cleaner. A Demi Pair is not a full time maid, chef, gardener, nanny or replacement parent. The duties expected of a Demi Pair should really be of a part-time, helper to normal family life, not a replacement for you or a partner for specific, repetitive tasks.

What Qualifications does a Demi Pair have?

Brisbane Demi Pair
Painting with the magpies & Inja – Germany

Usually a Demi Pair will have NO specific qualifications – remember they are usually 18 – 20 years old! However, many come with a drivers license, basic first aid, baby-sitting experience from their home country and often a genuine interest and appreciation for family life and an affection for children.

What do we need to to do as a ‘Host Family’?

Demi_Pair_Brisbane Brisbane Demi Pair
A comfortable bedroom is required

A host family must offer the Demi Pair their own bedroom and 3 meals a day in return for 15 – 20 hours ‘work’ per week. Many families offer extras such as: ensuite, study desk, free wifi, use of a car etc. It depends on what you would like the Demi Pair to do for you and how comfortable you would like them to be, as well as how long you might like them to stay. Ideally, you also need to include them as part of your family; a bit like an older sister (with some responsibilities) and treat her with the same respect and openness as you would a family member. Chances are, they will become a valuable addition to your family. You may have to be prepared to be sad when they leave!

How do I find a Brisbane Demi Pair?

In Brisbane there are a few different ways to find a Demi Pair… you should also read our article on the differences between a Demi Pair and Au Pair by clicking here.

Language Studies International – email demi-bne@lsi.edu

Facebook GroupDemi Pairs in Australia

Facebook Group for Au/Demi pairs (you can join to post that you are looking for an au/demi pair) – Au Pairs in Australia

Facebook Group – for host families Au Pair Host Families in Australia & New Zealand

Or you can always contact us on Facebook and send us a Private Message to ask about our experience. If we can help, we will!

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