A definitive guide to Broadwater Parklands on the Gold Coast

Broadwater Parklands 1
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Broadwater Parklands is the jewel in the crown of family friendly Gold Coast attractions. Find out what’s there for your tribe to trek to!

Broadwater Parklands – fun in the heart of the GC!

Broadwater Parklands, or as we like to call it – Kid Paradise, is located in the Southport area. This is a HUGE expanse of dedicated brilliantly designed space to help you make the most of your family outing.

There’s SO MUCH THERE for families to enjoy that we thought a ‘To Do’ list would be the best way to tell you about it. Here we go!

Broadwater Parklands 2

Play and exercise at Broadwater Parklands

Tick these off your list…

  1. Ride the zipline
  2. Ride the Monorail (It really put Shelbyville on the map!)
  3. Make sandcastles in the sandpit
  4. Go bananas on the swings, slide and climbing equipment
  5. Make a splash at the gorgeous Rockpools at Southport
  6. Get some serious air time on the jumping pillow
  7. Get a few laps in over at the swimming enclosure
  8. In summer time make sure you plan a visit to Aquasplash! 

Broadwater Parklands  

Relax and enjoy the scenery at Broadwater Parklands

Put on your walking shoes, stretch those limbs and breathe in deeply…

  1. Take the dog for a walk or a run at any of the off-leash or on-leash dog appropriate areas
  2. Feed the ducks (make sure you plan ahead and bring the right stuff!)
  3. Stroll around and take in the glorious atmosphere to your heart’s content.


Can we all enjoy Broadwater Parklands?

Here you’ll find plentiful parklands supported by recently refurbished facilities, accessible changing and toileting areas, picnic and BBQ areas and lots of drink taps. There is lots of parking but much of it is metered – bring those gold coins so you don’t get caught short.

This is a popular spot and it fills up quickly but there’s plenty of space for Gold Coast families to stretch out and enjoy themselves. This is a great pic for a fantastic day out with the fam – get in there and get amongst it!

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