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UPDATED REVIEW: Wildlife HQ Zoo | Look at the Big Pineapple now!

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The old Big Pineapple has transformed and now brings us Wildlife HQ Zoo! And there are plans for a total revamp of the area… keep reading!

Holding onto history but moving in a new direction

Remember Alma Park Zoo?

Remember the glory days of the Big Pineapple?

Hold onto your hats and get ready for a blast from the past!

These epic Queensland family destinations from yesterday have been revitalised by the awesome folk at Wildlife HQ to create a Queensland zoo on the site of the Big Pineapple! Zoo life, including a gorgeous variety of animals in natural habitats, has come to Queensland once again!

big pineapple zoo kangaroos

Wait, what?

Yep! 200 animals made the journey from Alma Park Zoo to Wildlife HQ. Their amazing journey began in 2014 with the close of the old Alma site and then the trek to the Big Pineapple zoo – known as Wildlife HQ!

The team focus on an incredibly high level of welfare and quality of life for their animals and promote sustainability, conservation and environmentalism. They are also HUGE supporters of the Save The Koala movement.

We here at Families Magazine LOVE an animal experience that is kind, thoughtful and resourceful. And now there’s a new one right here that so many people aren’t aware of!

Wait, so there’s a Big Pineapple ZOO?! And it’s called Wildlife HQ?!


It’s open EVERY DAY except Christmas Day from 9-4. Last entry is possible at 3pm.

Under 3: FREE!

Kids 3 – 15 years: $15

Students (with a valid ID): $22

Seniors: $22

Adults: $29

Family pass (2 adults, 2 kids): $79

There is plenty of parking available and it’s easy to get to!

What kind of animals can we see?

Aussie animals

  • Wombat
  • Dingo
  • Tassie Devil
  • Sugar Glider (cuties)
  • Crocodile
  • Koala
  • Kangaroo

Asian animals

  • Binturong
  • Red Panda
  • Sun Bear (they’re renowned for their Sun Bears!)

big pineapple zoo sun bear

African animals

  • The Ring Tailed Lemur Encounter (Madagascar here we come!)

South American animals

  • Boa Constrictor
  • Marmoset
  • Emperor Tamarin
  • Cotton Top Tamarin

Plus you’re going to run into some farmyard cuties while you’re at it as well!

big pineapple zoo cow

Alright, I believe you! There IS a Big Pineapple Zoo!

Wildlife HQ Zoo may be small but they are rapidly growing in terms of reputation. These are real people who adore animals and want the absolute best for them. Support these plucky Queenslanders, relive your childhood dreams of both the Big Pineapple AND Alma Park Zoo and let your kids walk on the wild side!

…And now – Treetop Challenge!

Treetop Challenge

The two-kilometre Treetop Challenge course opened in March 2019 – and it’s awesome! Featuring around 100 activities, with a variety of challenges including 12 ziplines (one 120m long!), high wires, swinging step-to-step platforms, cargo nets, balance beams and so much more, this is a dream for adrenalin junkies. There are several courses ranging from easy to “Oh My Gosh, I Can’t Do That!”, taking you up to 25m above ground. Join the morning or the afternoon session and see how much you can do (I confess, we only managed 2 and a half courses, but we’ll definitely go back!). Suitable for ages 8+, the whole challenge will take around a half a day to complete depending on your fitness levels, though further height and age restrictions apply to the two most difficult courses.

But wait, there’s more…

There’s SO MUCH MORE coming….

A whole of site master plan to guide a successful, sustainable future

Big pineapple revamp

Following three years of intensive planning, research and consultation, a whole of site master plan is now guiding a successful, sustainable future for the Big Pineapple.

Planned uses at the Big Pineapple include:

  • Food and tourism hub to showcase the region’s produce (the Big Pineapple experience) including craft brewery and fresh food produce outlet & F&B outlets

  • Tourism attractions, including a water park

  • Adventure and recreation

  • Events space, supporting our highly successful music program, including the Big Pineapple Music Festival.

  • Accommodation including an RV park, glamping, eco-villas and hotel

  • Food production, R&D and distribution (which is commencing with COYO, an organic coconut yoghurt producer)

  • Travel centre including a service station

  • Educational elements including a school camp.

Treetop Challenge and Macadamia Nut factory

Treetop Challenge Easy Level

The Tree Tops Challenge high ropes and zipline course is complete and work on upgrading the former macadamia nut factory is well advanced.

New attractions for the sprawling 170ha site include a water park, an adventure precinct, a major concert event space and on-site accommodation as well as a $60 million-dollar agribusiness precinct.

Stay tuned as we update this article to ensure you know all about it… and in the meantime check out the new Big Pineapple website here.



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  1. Vanessa Brown says:

    Oh my gosh I’m excited!! I had been recently telling my kids about going to the big pineapple as a kid and my daughter is also obsessed with tassie devils. Adding to my must do list for the holidays!

  2. Bronwyn Hutchison says:

    Hi Could You Tell me What Animals are for adoption at the zoo.. My friend is going to adopt for me and wants me to chose..!!

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