ABC’s of a Successful School Year

Issue 20 - ABCs of a Successful School Year
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ABC's of Learning

AAlways being on time for school makes for a happy day.
Set a morning routine
BBe prepared.
Lunches, uniforms, library bags, swimming bags – this can be done the night before.
CConsistent messages (about behaviour expectations and learning expectations) ensure students feel safe, supported and happy at school.
Discuss these with your child.
DDetermined attitude leads to success.
Ask, “What can you do?”
EEncouraging words build self-esteem.
Use these every day.
FFood fuels the body.
Give your children nutritious food every day.
GGrowth mindset is the key to success.
Instead of “I can’t”, say “I can’t do it yet!”
HHands-on learning is exciting.
Wonder at teachers’ creativity.
IInviting children to play and talk, helps children develop friendships and positive relationships.
Welcome friendships.
JJoin the community of your school.
It will be very rewarding!
KKnowledge is life-long learning.
Ask, “What did you learn today?”
LListen actively.
Feed - back what you hear.
MMistakes are a wonderful way to learn something new.
Model learning from mistakes in front of your children.
NNurturing excellence in your child is a pathway for successful learning.
Comment on things done well.
OOrganisation of pencil cases, lunch boxes, and school bags is an important skill.
Build this skill at home!
PPersist from learning to read - to playing sport and everything in between.
Tell your children stories about persistence.
QQuestions confirm my learning and direct me to my next step.
Ask, “What do I need to do now?”
RReading opens up the world.
Read to your child every day.
SSmiling children equals happy children.
Check your child’s smile meter.
TTeaching is a vocation that changes lives.
A note of thanks does not go astray.
UUnions between school and parents ensures the best outcomes for children.
Speak positively to your children about their school.
VVolunteering is a valuable way of being part of your community.
Pop into your school’s office and see what you can do to help.
WWorking collaboratively with families helps to form good community.
Make friends in your school’s community.
XXercise and involvement in team sport builds strong social skills and confidence.
Join a club or team.
YYoung, curious minds provide engaging learning.
Encourage curiosity.
ZZZzzz Good sleep helps brains to process the day’s learning and prepare for tomorrow’s learning.
Establish a bedtime routine.

A contribution from St Bernard’s Catholic Primary School, Upper Mt Gravatt.

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