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Studies Show that Working Mums are Great Role Models for their Kids

When you become a stay at home mother your world can become a whole lot smaller. Your time becomes taken up by nap times, feedings, nappy changes, tummy time and everything else that comes along with it. All too soon (or maybe just in time, depending on how you feel about it!) the time may come for you to re-enter the workforce.

This can be an incredibly daunting prospect for many of us, particularly if our maternity leave was quite long. You may well be concerned about having lost out on skill sets and being behind the eight-ball in terms of workplace knowledge. Or you may worry about being left behind or over-looked – or forgotten about all together.

You may be wondering what direction to head in while you continue to provide care for your children both inside the home and plan for where they’ll be going once you’re back into the workforce.

There’s a light at the end of the overwhelming tunnel that could see you through to the other side. Studies show that doing a course and studying online before going back to work has potential untold benefits not only for you but for your kids as well.

How can studying online benefit my children?

studying online

Studying online will demonstrate to your children the importance of life-long learning and education. You’ll be promoting a strong model of female empowerment as you show them that you can wear different hats at once. You can be a mum and a student and a worker and a colleague. You don’t just have to fit into one box and by demonstrating this to your children you are introducing them to concepts like autonomy, choice, ownership and independence.

How can studying online help me?

In addition to providing an excellent female role model to your children and opening the door to a more flexible family income, there are many ways that studying online can dramatically improve your life and your parenting.

1. Upskilling

Completing a course of study online prior to returning to work is a fantastic way to ensure your skills are at the level they need to be. Doing this from the privacy of your own home means that you can structure your study around your family commitments. You won’t be rushing off to classes and tutorials or shovelling food into the kids in order to make a night-time class. Online study with an institution like College Australia is the perfect way to bridge the gap between home and the office.

2. Boosting Your Confidence

Imagine the confidence boost that having completed a thorough course of online study will bring! Not only will you be more excited and confident about your return to work, but you’ll also potentially find that you’re more confident in your day-to-day life. The sense of achievement and participation that comes with being involved in active learning can provide a real morale boost that can seep through into other areas of your life. You may find you feel more social, more energised and more willing to take on the world!

3. Expanding New Horizons

Completing a course of online study in your chosen professional area will open doors to other areas that you previously may not have considered. College Australia have a vast network of online courses to choose from. You may find something that sparks a new interest, reignites an old passion or takes you in a completely different direction from where you first thought you might be going.

4. Providing You With Formal Accreditation

Completing a course of online study before returning to work will make sure that you have the appropriate skills, qualifications and certifications required for your workplace. This will mean your return to work will be very much on the front foot rather than racing to upskill or complete professional development in the first few months of your return. A recently completed course of online study is key to being able to relax back into the workplace, safe in the knowledge that your practices are appropriate and up to date.

5. Laying Foundations For The Future

It cannot be stressed enough how important learning in the home is for children. When they see their parents engaged in study, reading, upskilling, writing and assessment they connect the dots with what they are doing at school. Learning is a life-long journey. College Australia makes it possible for stay-at-home parents to continue along the path of education without having to completely restructure their lives around time tables and campuses. It’s the perfect solution.

Studying online as part of your return to work plan

Don’t be intimidate by the prospect of returning to work. While you may well be feeling a little lost right now, completing a course of online study with College Australia is the perfect way to make that jump from home back to the office.

If that time is creeping up, don’t wait too long. Make your start on study NOW so when you begin making your transition into the workplace you’ll be able to put your best foot forward.

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This article was published in Issue 27 of our print magazine, April/May 2018.

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