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Are you a Good Role Model with your Technology and Kids?

From our Kids Technology Expert and columnist, Tyronne Curtis

Recently it dawned on me how much responsibility lies with the current generation of adults to behave appropriately with the little screens in their pocket. This seemingly innocent knee-jerk relationship is changing the way we communicate, interact and live our lives – and our children see it all.

Like other public health issues such as smoking or drinking where young people need guidance, they will once again look to us for the right choices. What do you think they make of the device-based-zombie state of our public transport users? Now, I’m not saying we need to ban technology, to the contrary, I want to see more of it! Just used differently, and more consciously.

Luckily, there is a real shift afoot in the technological playground. Products like the Apple Watch and Google Glass promote healthy activity and are heavily focused on reconnecting people with the world around them whilst still using technology. This will eliminate the phone in palm, curved back, looking down epidemic.

This next wave off communication devices will be accepted slowly, so in the meantime be aware of how you use your devices, particularly when little people are around. Implement rules for yourself like no texting and talking, check social media only once a day and try (just try) not using your phone on the train!

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Tyronne Curtis is the founder and director of Activate Entertainment and believes technology and creativity is going to be a big part of tomorrow’s generation and wants to be a part of ensuring they are ready for it. Activate Entertainment run fun & interactive workshops & afterschool classes to help children be more active when using technology. Check out the opportunities for your children below.;

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