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480 Queen Street in the City is Great for Families

Looking for a great spot for families with young children RIGHT in the heart of the city? You’ll find it at 480 Queen.

480 Queen & The Parkland

This is innovative design at it’s absolute best! The Parkland is a 1,400 square metre park located on level four. It offers uninterupted views of the Brisbane River and Story Bridge (making it an AMAZING spot to watch Riverfire from!) and you can also see towards St John’s Cathedral.

Eating at 480 Queen and The Parkland

There are a number of food and dining options for families visiting 480 Queen. From fresh juices to authentic Japanese cuisine – there’s something for every palate!

480 queen area

The Parkland offers families the perfect opportunity for a splendid rooftop picnic! There are tables and space to spread out and unwind. You’ll be able to bring your own food and drink from home, or pick up a sandwich and a coffee while you’re there! You’ll find the food on the level 2 food precinct and it’s just a quick trip up a couple of floors to The Parkland on level 4.

What else is at The Parklands at 480 Queen?

You’ll find a community herb garden at The Parkland – great for teaching kids about sustainability and organic produce! The entire space is wheelchair and pram accessible. It truly is an inner-city oasis!

The Parkland is on level 4 of 480 Queen. There is parking via Secure Parking underneath that’s accessible via lifts. There is a flat rate Monday-Friday deal for $15 (if you enter after 2pm) and it also applies on weekends after 6am.

The Parkland is equipped with bathroom facilities on level 4, behind the gymnasium area.

480 queen looking up

Why visit 480 Queen?

As amazing as a visit to inner city Brisbane can be, it is often a stressful experience for families. You’re constantly at the mercy of crowds and it can be quite hot and uncomfortable for small kids. Children need SPACE to roam and stretch their legs.

480 Queen’s offering of The Parkland for use by families visiting Brisbane CBD is a great innovation. Spectacular views are enhanced by first-class facilities and space to move! It’s a chance to wind down, relax and recuperate before heading back into the crush.

Looking for a new inner city spot?

Try 480 Queen and visit The Parkland! 


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