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6 Ways to Make Money While on a Parenting Break

Raising a child in Australia is undoubtedly expensive.

Many parents would love to spend more time with their young ones, above the stipulated maternity leave duration. For most, however, the question of finances makes this decision a difficult one to make.

However, you can still make some money while taking your break. Here are some options to consider.

1. Affiliate Marketing

The beauty of affiliate marketing lies in the fact that you do not need to have your own products to earn a check. Instead, you promote other people’s products and get paid a cut on each purchase made.

You are not required to hold stocks, make deliveries, or even provide after-sale support.

To promote products, you need to create a blog, open social media accounts, and even write articles marketing the products.

2. Online Writing

If you have a good grasp of grammar and enjoy expressing your thoughts or opinions on paper, you could make some money out of it.

It is common knowledge that many businesses and individuals today hire writers to create content from their websites and blogs. The problem is how to land a well-paying gig.

Luckily there are lots of online platforms where businesses post high paying freelance writing gigs. You can also cold pitch high-value businesses.

Many people find content mills attractive because they link employers with writers meaning you don’t have to hunt for any clients. Get on this and look for jobs that would be a good fit for you.

There are also other options such as virtual assistance, transcription, design, and so on.

3. Work on Your Career Remotely

Certain professions can allow you to work remotely. Take the example of bookkeeping, accounting, tutoring, website design, social media marketing, and so on.

To get started, talk to your networks and businesses around you that might need these services and develop a work plan that allows you to earn while minding the kids at home.

4. Glam People Up

Makeup artistry is a fast-growing field, which can make you good money from the comfort of your home.

You will need to take tutorials to learn skincare basics, as well as how to do flawless makeup.

Once you perfect the art, create a portfolio to showcase different looks, then start marketing your services.

You can either offer tutorials for people to learn to do their own makeup, or set up a makeup room in your house where you can do client’s makeup.

If you love working with animals, you can be in this same line of business as a dog groomer.

5. Run a Child Care Service

Childcare in Australia is quite expensive.

You would be providing a valuable service by taking in a child or two to mind alongside your own while their parents are at work.

If this sounds appealing, sell the idea to neighbors, friends, and relatives with young ones and see if you can get your first few clients.

6. Catering

If you are a rock star in the kitchen, running a catering business from home can earn you a good income.

This can range from full meals to snacks and treats.

Again, market yourself within your circles and pace yourself so that you do not end up with more orders than you can fulfill-at the expense of spending time with your little one.

Run it professionally

Whichever gig you decide to pick up, strive to run it professionally and to give it your best. You never know the potential that you could reach by doing so.

Running your own business will add on to your set of skills. These, coupled with the skills you acquire from parenting, means you will bring more value to the workplace after your parenting break.

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Janine Mergler

Janine Mergler is a veteran Queensland teacher, graduating from QUT with a BEd majoring in Social Sciences. After many years in the classroom, Janine moved on to academia. She has proudly trained new generations of teachers in her role as a lecturer at Queensland University of Technology Faculty of Education. She has also worked in the Queensland Government as an education specialist, developing education resources and delivering community awareness programs to help families conserve water. Currently she is the owner and editor of Families Magazine, a publication specifically targeted at parents who value a quality education for children.  Janine leads a team of professionals who write about family lifestyle, early childhood, schools and education information and family-friendly events.

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