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The Features of the Perfect House for Your Family

We all have dreams of owning the perfect house where we can raise our family.

All we need to do is design it in a way that each member of our family is given their own space, while still creating an area where each one can enjoy each other’s company.

If you are looking for a house right now and discussing with your contractor what needs to be done, make sure to keep these essential house features in mind to create the perfect home.

Big outdoor spaces

A lot of home buyers tend to focus first on the interior, but the exterior part of the house is as important as it is the first thing everyone sees. If it is not inviting, then however awesome the interior is, guests will bring that bland, gloomy feeling inside.

Let’s start with big outdoor spaces. Studies have shown that spending more time outside has a number of health benefits like reduced levels of stress, an improved memory, and plays a key role in fighting depression. Choosing a house that will enable you to create an outdoor living space is a great opportunity for you to install decks and patios where you can all enjoy soaking up the sun. Take this as a chance to bond with your family more, by planning games or maybe a camp just by your wide lawn.

Tall ceilings

If the house is not as big in terms of square footage, worry not. You can always adjust the ceiling height, from the standard eight feet to a nine- or even ten-foot ceiling. There are a lot of possibilities with a tall ceiling. You can add a mezzanine floor as your entertainment room, maybe as one of the rooms for your kids. This is also a chance to show off the chandelier you have, right at the living room area.

A tall ceiling opens up the house and make it airy. You do not need to buy another lot to make it look spacious, you just need to make sure that the height of the ceiling can be appreciated.

Organised kitchen

Apart from the living area and the bedrooms, one of the most important areas in a house is the kitchen. A well-organised house can make preparing meals less tedious. Kids will often be encouraged to help out with the cooking and cleaning if the kitchen is inviting enough.

To make it so, make sure the kitchen is open and airy. This means windows that can be opened to invite in fresh air, maybe have one where there is a view of the plants that you have in your backyard or front garden. The paint must be neutral to light; a darker shade may make it look gloomy. Lastly, make sure kitchen tools and appliances that may injure kids are out of reach.

Dedicated entertainment room

You do not need a big space for an entertainment room. Maybe convert an unused room or save a small area right next to the bedrooms where you can set up the television and have fun film nights with the family.

This is obviously optional, especially if you already have a big living area where you can invite in guests or play board games with your kids. A simple set-up will definitely suffice. While you do not need to buy new home entertainment speakers, make sure the area is fit for those late night movie marathons by by using bean bags and big pillows instead of couches and darker shade of colour to mimic the theatre vibe.

Of course, you do not have to start from scratch when designing your home. You can easily find this exact same layout in neighbourhoods known to provide home buyers with the house of their dreams. For instance, you can check out Fernbrooke Ridge real estate community in Brisbane, where everything from the perfect house to a unique community setting is on offer.

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