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From Bump to Business

Local Brisbane Mum, Teneille Douglas, tells us about how she started off small but dreamed BIG to open and grow her local business in North Brisbane. Find out more about her friendly, community based business that everyone is talking about…

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Teneille Douglas, I’m 28 years young with 3 beautiful children under 3 years of age. I live in North Brisbane and have a special small business from home called Neighbourhood Crèche.

Creche_Bump_BusinessWhat is Neighbourhood Crèche?

Neighbourhood Crèche is a community home business in Griffin 4503. Offering Casual Day Care for children under 6 and also offering a great range of early childhood classes for newborns through to school aged children.

How did you get started?

I had this great idea a few years ago when I had my first child and realised how much I would have loved an hour or 2 to go to a doctor’s appointment by myself. I had no family or friends around to help out. I had also been teaching music for a few years and along the way had been asked many times to babysit. This gave me the idea of having a music school and a crèche all in one.

What does the future hold for the business?

The future is very positive for Neighbourhood Crèche. The business keeps growing as the word gets out about how great the facility is with such friendly, educated and caring teachers. There is great opportunity to add extra classes, expand and franchise Neighbourhood Crèche nationally too.

What is the best bit about what you do?

The best part about my job is that I am lucky enough to involve and have my 3 children along side of me the whole way. My children love the classes and love the crèche childcare. I also love being able to provide a wonderful and safe environment for children. Parents feel very comfortable and at ease when they come to Neighbourhood Crèche. I put on some fantastic FREE concert events for the community too. It’s a lot of work but brings so much enjoyment and families together.

What are the challenging bits?

It can sometimes become hard trying to juggle work and family life. As any parent knows, children will be children and it can sometimes be very difficult when one of my children plays up or gets sick. But as this is a family business, most people understand and are happy to offer a hand where possible.

How do you fit work around family life?

I fit work around family life by having limits. I try not to over commit and try to make sure I keep at least 2 full days a week to spend with my family. When it seems like my children have had enough of coming to my music classes, I never force them and will have someone look after them while I teach my classes.

What advice would you give other mums looking to work for themselves?

Start out small but keep your dreams big. Starting a business when you have a family can be very tricky and is not for everyone, if you start small it can be a great opportunity to see if you like it and if you can see if it will work with your family.




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