Mount Jerusalem National Park with kids – What you need to know

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Created in 1995, Mount Jerusalem National Park is a veritable mecca of breathtaking scenery. It’s a fabulous day trip for kids as well.

Where is Mount Jerusalem National Park?

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The park is roughly 5200 hectares in size and is accessible via State Route 97.

Mount Jerusalem National Park with kids

The most famous part of Mount Jerusalem National Park is the Hell Hole (the feature image for this post).

This natural fall is truly a wonder to behold and well worth the hike to get to it. It’s a 5km return walk through terrain that’s not overly tricky but it can be difficult to find the trail.

Head to MIDDLE RIDGE TRAIL. From the gate you need to walk about 1km until you come to a fork in the road. Go left for about 700m until you come across a bridge.

Go right and follow the path along the edge of the water. Prepare to be amazed!

What kind of things can we do there?

Apart from swimming in one of the most spectacular natural swimming holes you’ll ever come across, you can:

  • Go bushwalking and play ‘spotto’ to try and find as many native animals as you can (The area is home to the biggest population of Lyrebirds in Australia)
  • Go geocaching!
  • Head out of the park to find some gorgeous Byron Bay region eats

What to take when you’re bushwalking

  • Plenty of food and drink (make sure you take all your rubbish with you)
  • Clothes that are sun and weather appropriate
  • Mobile phone / means of communication
  • Sturdy hiking boots and pants to safe guard against snakes and injury

Mount Jerusalem National Park with kids

This is well worth the trip away from the coast into some of the most spectacular scenery you’re likely to see. Do yourself a favour!

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