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Measure Island Sciencentre | THE REVIEW

Measure Island has opened at the Sciencentre in Brisbane City, and is on until 5th February, 2017.

The exhibit expands the minds of young and old in an effort to all ages thinking about the different ways things can be measured.

There’s length, weight, area, height, age, speed, pressure… and more.

I’m a Mum of 6 year old twin boys and I’ve taken my kids to every Sciencentre exhibition since the boys turned 2, and I plan to continue with this tradition until they no longer wish to be seen with me.

See, the Sciencentre has a secret… every single exhibition is fun AND educational for humans aged 2 to 99 years of age (so sorry if you’re 100 years old, it was just a guide, you’re probably sitting at home unable to play with Lego, so please… go along, you’re welcome there too).

If you’ve never been to the Sciencentre, it’s probably confusing to understand how the place can cater for such a wide audience, the trick is that each activity (and there are plenty – watch the video!) has a combination of cause and effect and information.  If you touch something (and you CAN touch everything), visually, something will happen.  This in itself is entertaining for a 2 year old.  The older you are, or more accurately, the more inquisitive and thirsty for knowledge you are, the more you can delve down into the mechanics, the background and the science of each activity.

In every exhibit we’ve been to so far, each activity has taken a simple concept and presented it in a fun and interactive way that makes you WANT to learn the science behind it!

Measure Island is no different, on face value I guess it sounds strange “how would measurement possibly be a ‘fun’ thing for kids”, not only is it fun, but it’s educational… and the kids have no idea that they are learning.

Watch our video for the easiest way to get an idea of what it’s all about!

Measure Island takes the visitor on a journey to a fictional island that celebrates the often hidden world of measurement. 24 interactive exhibits will take visitors on a journey from Ancient Greeks through to modern timekeeping.

By examining the concept of measurement as part of the fabric of everyday life, Measure Island will show how different cultures have contributed to the development of number systems and mathematical knowledge, and the evolution of modern society.

If you didn’t watch the video, here’s a few examples of how the Sciencentre manages to both educate and entertain… on the subject of measure.

Sciencentre: Measure Island Activities

Play on a ring toss to learn the concepts of “accurate” versus “precise”.

Ring Toss Activity Measure Island Sciencentre

Become a human spirit level to learn about the concept of evening up a sloping surface.

Measure Island Sciencentre Brisbane

Try to steal the treasure from the statue and learn about both sensors and force.

steal the treasure Measure Island Sciencentre Brisbane

Grip your hands on the joy sticks then sit back and watch the screen, let the computer measure your body’s reaction to what you see!


These are just a few of the many things to see and do!

In Summary

On my twin’s 6th birthday, I gave them the choice of how to spend the day, they chose the Sciencentre.  Honestly, this place never fails to entertain and Measure Island is no different.

Let the kids channel their inner Team Umizoomi and head down to the Sciencentre for a fun day out over the school holidays (oh, and buy a season pass, I guarantee you’ll be back!).

Cost for the Sciencentre

Visit the Queensland Museum is free, however the Sciencentre does have an entry fee.

Adult: $14.50

Concession/Full-time Student: $12.50

Child (3-15) (must be accompanied by an adult 18+) $11.50

Family: (2 Adults/Concessions & up to 4 Children) $44.50

Schools & Groups (pre-booked, 10+ only): $9 (GST free) per person

Tickets are sold until 4pm. Prices include booking fees.

Buy an annual pass

Buy an annual pass to enjoy a whole year of entry to the Sciencentre for the price of less than three visits as well as discounts on Museum exhibitions, discounted entry to the other Museums in their network and exclusive member offers and events.

Sciencentre Sciensensory Day – May 2016

Event information

Date: Monday 16 May 2016
Time: 2:30pm – 5pm
Where: Sciencentre, Level 1
Cost: $10 per person (applies to both adults and children). Children under 3 are free.

Please note that regular Sciencentre tickets are not valid for this event. Visitors must have a Sciensensory Day ticket.

Download our Social Story created specifically for the Measure Island Sciensensory Day by clicking here.

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