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Kids Christmas Decoration | Easy Ideas for Kids

Christmas decorations can be all around the glitz and glamour that come with them. Beautifully decorated trees, perfect wreaths on the door and Christmas décor to tie in with your colour scheme. However, you know the decorations that are closest to the heart are the kid’s Christmas decorations. They are the ones we pull out of our Christmas box every so carefully, year after year. The ones they made at home together, at kindy or at school. They are the ones that might start to become a little tattered, but we repair them each year to ensure they live one more Christmas.

Making new Christmas decorations with your kids means you can keep the tradition alive and have a keepsake to treasure of their development and ability to create something more advanced each year!

What Christmas decorations can you make?

Think about the standard Christmas decorations that exist can go from there. Simplified, homemade versions of these decorations can all be made at home and with your kids!

  • Wreaths – Try making a paper wreath out of handprints and decorate it!
  • Christmas Tree decorations – There are so many ways to make Christmas tree decorations. From foam balls to paper or even clay. You are sure your kids will make the perfect decoration for your tree and they’ll love seeing and remembering it each Christmas when they hang it up.
  • Snowglobes – Snow globes can be easy to make with old jars. Find some small Christmas ornaments to glue down and fill the jar with water, glycerine and glitter. It’s sure to make a beautiful and memorable keepsake.
  • Christmas Stockings – Christmas stockings can be made out of felt or material very easily. Just cut out and decorate with some craft glue and giant buttons or anything else found around the home that would suit!
  • Gingerbread house – A gingerbread house can be a great centrepiece for your dining table at Christmas time. How proud your children will be when it is displayed there at Christmas lunch and then devoured for dessert!? If you are handy in the kitchen you can whip up the gingerbread yourself but there’s also lots of great kits at decent prices you can find in shops.
christmas tree decorations

How to make air-dried clay ornaments

These decorations tick all the boxes. They are easy to make, durable and can be personalised so you know exactly who made it and in what year. They can also be made by kids of all ages and by adults too!

What you need:

  • Paint
  • Christmas cookie cutters
  • Ribbon
  • Skewer
  • Christmas glitter
  • Rolling Pin
  • Pattern stamps
  • White air-dried clay. You can find these packets at most craft stores and Spotlight


These are super simple. Just roll the clay, cut using cookie cutter and decorate to your heart’s content. Use a skewer to make a hole to run the ribbon through. They make great gifts and look wonderful on These are super simple. Just roll the clay, cut using cookie cutter and decorate to your heart’s content. Use a skewer to make a hole to run the ribbon through. They make great gifts and look wonderful on your own tree too!

What are you waiting for?

Get back to family basics and do something wholesome away from screens. You will treasure the time spent together and your kids will have lots of fun too!

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