Beach Camping With Kids – Inskip Point Camping, The Oaks and more!

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Inskip Point Camping

Sunshine Coast has a number of great family beach-style camping options to choose from and Inskip Point Camping is definitely up there with the best of them!

inskip point camping lookout

Inskip Point Camping has the best of both (okay, all!) worlds when it comes to family fun. Wide open spaces, beach access.

The Inskip Point peninsula provides easy access to a number of great camping areas: S.S Dorigo, Beagle Campground and The Oaks Camping Area.

The Oaks Camping Area

Inskip Point Road, Inskip

This is a beautiful location with million dollar views. As it’s quite remote, however, you’ll need to be prepared for a bit of a walk between facilities. We would recommend baby carriers for small ones or a few bicep workouts in the lead up to the trip! This is ‘bush camping at the beach’ and it’s back to nature in a way that’s sure to delight and relax.

As you’ll be camping on sandy ground, make sure you bring appropriate tent pegs. The glorious trees in and around the campsite provide ample shade and it’s delightful!

Phone 13 74 68 to make inquiries about Inskip Point Camping at The Oaks Camping Area.

S.S Dorigo Campground

Inskip Point Road, Inskip

This is further up on the peninsula (it’s north of The Oaks) and its isolation is part of its charm. Be warned, though, that the word has gotten around about the true beauty of this spot and, as a result, it can now become quite crowded in peak seasons.

Fishing, swimming, long lazy beach walks and chillaxing are all on the menu at S.S Dorigo Campground.

Phone 13 74 68 to make inquiries about Inskip Point Camping at S.S Dorigo Campground.

inskip point camping spy

Beagle Campground

inskip point camping beach view

This is the tippy-top of the peninsula in terms of Inskip Point Camping and potentially the most beautiful. Incredible views, crystal clear water, fine white sand and that almost delectable ‘we’re at the beach’ smell that just permeates everything. Get ready for sand and surf soaked holidays that you’ll never forget. You’ll be right in the middle of a national park.

Inskip Point Camping

Please be wary of the following when camping anywhere in Inskip Point.

  • These are not ‘standard’ camping areas. They’re in parks and very near beaches. Be warned that the facilities you may normally find at camping grounds in terms of entertainment and amenities will be different here. We recommend calling ahead to discuss your specific needs before going ahead.
  • Sun safety is a must.
  • Any and all rubbish and food scraps must be disposed of thoughtfully to keep this wonderful area looking as pristine as possible.
  • Be considerate of other campers and their rights to a peaceful and happy holiday.

Camping with kids!

Going camping for the first time? Or back again after a long break? We’ve got a survival guide!

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