Gold Coast Pound and Animal Rescue Options – Give the gift of a new life

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There are a variety of Gold Coast pound and animal adoption facilities. Where can you go to give a little life a brand new chance at happiness?

Where can we find Gold Coast pounds?

  • Animal Welfare League Queensland
  • City of Gold Coast – Coombabah City Pound
  • Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue
  • RSPCA, Miami

Why visit a Gold Coast pound?

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Purchasing your newest family member from an animal rescue facility, as opposed to a pet store, is a great idea for a number of reasons.

Animals who have been abandoned have a new chance at finding happiness with a brand new family – yours!

You know that the money that you are paying is going to people who are interested in animal welfare and safety, as opposed to a highly problematic backyard breeder.

The conditions, medical history and facilities that the animals are homed in are all completely transparent. There are no hidden ‘nasties’ – your new animal will have a full veterinary history, be desexed and be completely treated for worms and parasites.

Gold Coast pound and animal rescue options often involve the family in training, meet-and-greet and classes on animal care. They are interested in making sure that your new pet is the ‘right fit’ – from your perspective and theirs! Gold Coast pounds look to make sure the process is seamless, happy and healthy for everyone concerned.

Why introduce a new pet to the family?

After making sure a pet is the right choice for your family (housing, ability to pay for vet care, time and love to spare), visiting an animal shelter will open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Gold Coast pound family pet

There are HUGE health benefits to owning pets. They have a marked impact on lowering levels of depression and anxiety. They encourage exercise, being outside and a sense of community. Pets bring a real sense of joy to households and they have a lot to teach your own children about compassion and kindness.

Where to now?

Visit one of the Gold Coast pound options listed above and see if your new best friend is waiting for you!

Does your child have a soft spot for all creatures great and small? Then check out The Animal Welfare League of Queenland (AWLQ) school holiday Program.

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