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Grow a love of fresh food at Currumbin Valley Harvest

It is important that children learn and understand where their food comes from. Some families choose to grow a vegetable patch in their backyard; others join community gardens to explore these skills and develop understanding.

There is a third option open to  Gold Coast families at the gorgeous Currumbin Valley Harvest offering the opportunity to pick and collect vegetables, herbs and sometimes fruit to take home and eat.

The combination of the market stand, café and waterworks, makes this spot great for a morning out on Saturday or Sundays from 7:00am – 12:00noon.

What makes Currumbin Valley Harvest so family friendly?

Currumbin Valley Harvest is an ideal destination for a family friendly day trip as it contains something for each member of the family to enjoy.

This destination boasts a number of experiences for families that are not commonly seen in the Gold Coast. For the kids, there are a range of engaging learning experiences that can develop their knowledge and perception of growing of fruit and vegetables. Introducing children to the idea of natural produce early can help foster not only healthy eating habits but also a range of positive outcomes for years to come.

Currumbin Valley Harvest

For the adults, a chance to enjoy quality time, delicious coffee and eats as well as access to a whole range of fresh and local wares, most of which are sourced from nearby small batch farms and business.

When you arrive at Currumbin Valley Harvest you may like to check out the:

1. Currumbin Valley Harvest: Harvest Subscriptions + Casual Harvesting

Currumbin Valley Harvest offers a unique opportunity for families to pick and collect fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit from the beautifully maintained garden beds in the top section of the farm.

For families visiting for the morning, the Casual Harvesting option would be suitable. This enables the group to collect approximately a basket full of biodynamically farmed produce to take home.

For those families who fall in love with the concept and want to visit more regularly, the Harvest Subscription is an option (these subscriptions are limited) and provide access to the whole farm to pick and collect produce from.

2. Currumbin Valley Harvest: Café & Market

This location also provides opportunity for the family to take some quite time, relax and enjoy the ambiance of the space.

The café stocks delicious French press coffee together with fresh herbal tea and raw foods. The café serves the goodies on the gorgeously placed settings beside Currumbin Creek.

Next to the café is the fresh fruit, vegetable and local wares market. This spot has been setup to encourage access to locally grown produce together with produce from further abroad. The range is fantastic and this is a really great spot to pick up beautiful items.

Easy access for families travelling to Currumbin Valley Harvest

Currumbin Valley Harvest is centrally located in the Currumbin Valley, approximately 40 minutes from Southport and 15 minutes from Robina. Upon arriving, there is ample parking alongside Currumbin Creek Road which the farm faces.

Be careful when exiting your car though, as this road can be busy on the weekend with many people seeking the scenic drive as their weekend adventure.

Currumbin Valley Harvest

Hot Tips:

  • Currumbin Valley Harvest is run by a team of knowledgeable people who are always ready to help and answer any questions you may have. You can find them walking around the grounds if you need help, or guidance particularly in regards to picking vegetables, herbs and fruit.
  • While this location is great for taking children, it’s important to remember that the gardens are edible and represent a business. Which means it’s important that kids are not walking on, or playing in the consumable areas. The team welcomes visitors to stroll through and enjoy, but asks visitors to respect the hard work that makes this food farm open to the public.
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